March 13, 2020

What is academic English? 3 characteristics that every student should recognize

You are in the classroom while listening to your professor.

Everything seems to be clear.

Nod and take notes.

Everything changes when you go home.

Suddenly your notes are not very clear.

Set your next reading assignment and you have no idea where to start.

What are all these confusing words? Why are the sentences so long? Why don’t the authors use common language?

Today we will examine more specific English: academic English, which is used in universities, research documents, and school books. If you are already learning English as a second language, academic English may appear to you as another language to master. Try reading as much as books, and you will get a perspective on learning English.

How to improve your academic English

Are you already enrolled in an academic English conversation program or, perhaps, are you thinking of enrolling? Here are some tips for improving your academic English both during and outside of lessons.

Take a specific academic English course

Many college students (even native speakers) take courses that help them understand how to write, how to paginate, and how to make citations in academic articles. If you are already enrolled in university, ask your teacher or the English department if you can apply for such a course.

Many universities offer the study of English as a second language course or even academic English courses to their international students. Be sure to check if they are available. If you are not yet enrolled in university, you could attend lessons (for free or for usually negligible amounts) of a course in academic English.

Record and review your lessons

Do not just simply take notes, try to record and listen to the lessons later. Not only will it help you remember lessons, but it will help you learn those academic English expressions that you didn’t grasp during the lesson. You will notice which words the professor pronounces more often and new words that will come in handy. You can also try to compare your notes with the recordings to make sure you understand everything correctly.

Remember to ask your professor for permission before proceeding with the registration. Alternatively, some universities record lessons and publish them online in order to facilitate students.

Find a learning partner

Ask your classmates. They are learning just like you, working together you could help each other. Studies say that students who work in a team or as a couple learn faster. Studying with someone else can help you better understand the lessons and opens the door to points of view that you would not have otherwise considered. When you practice writing, asking your partner to take a look at what you write, you will get another pair of eyes that may notice an error that has escaped you.

Hopefully, this article can inspire you. Anyway, if you have difficulty writing academic work in English, you can contact an online essay writing service. Thank you for reading, and good luck.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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