December 9, 2021

What is Dual Mining?

If you are fond of mining, you should have come across a word combination called dual mining. In recent years it has become a very popular and well-spread type of mining. Due to the huge profit with an average amount of investment, miners become successful. To understand what benefits it offers, we should first figure it out and define it.

The essence of the concept of dual mining is apparent even from the name. It is simultaneous and parallel mining of two completely different cryptocurrencies. You, as a miner, have to opt for the main coin, the first one, and the additional one, the second one. To generate two cryptocurrencies with the help of dual mining, you need to make two separate wallets to collect them. Graphic cards become busier with increased load; however, with it, your result in growing earning. Applying one set of equipment, you are given an opportunity of getting two different coins parallel. As you see, this is the brightest privilege of this kind of mining, making the method more attractive.

A frequently asked question is how to set up dual mining for any cryptocurrency. The answer is all drivers and programs were installed and configured after the download. The settings process is all about working with video card parameters to help you reach the maximum possible performance. Afterward, the miner shall set the fan controlling and avoid overheating. If you conduct the settings process correctly, you will result in the highest efficiency.

Dual mining is very often carried out with the following programs:

  • PhoenixMiner
  • NBminer
  • TeamRedMiner

Being the most popular programs, they operate for most video cards providing detailed background setting information for each of them.

Now you will ask a question about what is the best cryptocurrency for dual mining. The most suitable coins are not a lot. The best choice is probably Ethereum which perfectly works with Lbry, Siacoin, Ethash, etc.

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KSM + DOT= Bigger Profit

Remember that every time you want to have a big profit, you should purchase a reliable cryptocurrency. Next to well-known names, there are more cryptocurrencies such as Kusama (KSM) and Polkadot (DOT).

With the help of this platform, Kusama network users can create their Blockchains, having the chance to act quickly and create products. This private Blockchain network is an experimental development environment for teams that want to be fast and innovative. KSM was created as an additional complement to Polkadot, so they are not considered competitors. KSM may help you participate in politics, deploy a parachain, yield farm on it, and even more. It is very easy to buy KSM, and if you already own it on your Kriptomat wallet, you can sell it without any difficulty. Its price, which is 377.80 euro, is now decided by the cumulative selling and buying of worldwide users.

Polkadot, being a multichain network, has already gained monetary value in exchanges. This is because it processes several transactions on different chains parallelly. The analysis shows that in 2022 its price will be $74.90, and in 2025, it will reach $194.73.

As with the rest of the crypto coins, KSM can be easily converted to DOT. Both of them are profitable and very popular among crypto investors. For a KSM to DOT convert, you just need to follow some steps and tips. However, we recommend you to keep in mind that possessing both of them is a double profit, a better option than selling or buying them or possessing them separately.

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