November 22, 2021

What is OCR & How it helps to extract text from images?

Extracting text from images manually is a difficult task. You have to put a finger on the text and pen down it on the paper.

It may be frustrating for people as they have to spend too much time completing this task. To overcome this problem, you can use an online tool.

These online tools use OCR technology to extract images from text. Users don’t have to take out every single digit from here.

These tools read the text present in the pictures deeply and take out the text to make it editable.

Before going deep, we will discuss OCR and its work by which it is making the tasks of people easier.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a technology that is explained by its name. Many online tools use this technology to take out text from the image.

Online OCR is used to detect inside the pictures whether it is typed, handwritten, or printed. It goes through the image and scans the entire document.

Most of the time it is used to extract text from printed images. When the image is placed into the tool, this technology recognizes the picture and makes the text editable.

So, users can manage the text manually and make the text unique after extracting it from the image.

How OCR helps to extract text from an image?

As told earlier, OCR is a technology that helps to text in the image. Imagine you have a newspaper or picture that has text on it.

If you put it in the scanner, it will simply make a copy of it on your computer but you can’t be able to edit that text.

To make the text editable, you can put the text in the online image-to-text converter that uses OCR technology.

When the image is inserted in these tools, the algorithm used at the backend reads the document thoroughly and figures out the text.

Sometimes, the pictures become blurry and the text present in them becomes unreadable. These amazing tools go in-depth and read every word deeply.

Methods used to convert image to text

Multiple online tools use this technology and help the users to make their text editable. Every one of those has its working.

Users can apply any of the tactics and extract text from images. Here we will discuss some top methods that can help in this case.

Using google docs

One of the safest and most reliable methods that people prefer while converting image to text, is applying the google docs method.

Google provides the facility to its user by giving them an option where they can extract words from the picture.

The best thing about this tool is that it also scans the font style and color of the text that is present in the image.

So, users can have editable text for them with the same sequence and style.

Sometimes, it also happens that the provided image has folded text that is easy to read. The image-to-text converter of google goes deep and takes out text from there.

Due to these features, users prefer this online OCR over other tools as it is safe and more reliable.

Using online tool

One more method that people use to extract text from an image is online tools. There are numerous online photo to text converters on search results.

All of them use OCR online and detect the words that are present in a picture.

The only thing you need to have a browser and internet connection. Search for the OCR online tool in the browser and it will give you a list there.

Select a tool from there and drop the picture in this tool. After selecting the file, click on OCR and it will further complete its process.

The algorithm used in these tools will read the content deeply and figure out text from here that will be accurate and editable.

Convert image to text on windows

If you are willing to convert images to text on your windows, there is much software for it. You can select any of them to take out words from the picture.

The window software has the same working as that of online tools. Users have to upload a photo in this online OCR and it will extract text from there.

These tools are very accurate and extract the content after reading it deeply. So, no doubt the results generated by them are most precise.

But one thing that users have to compromise in these online OCR tools is that they don’t respect formatting and font styles.

Users have to adjust the content manually after making it editable.

Using mobile applications

If you don’t have a laptop with you, then mobile applications can be beneficial for you that help the users to import the picture from the gallery and take out text from there.

Users can get numerous mobile applications that can convert images to text. You can look for them in the play store.

Too many ads are the one thing that can irritate users while using mobile applications. If someone wants to remove those ads, he can go for the paid version.

Final words

Online OCR is the most promising technology that people have got to extract images from text and avoid struggles.

Now, people don’t have to write long paragraphs at the workplace. They just have to put the image into these online tools.

They make the text editable that can be changed by users. One more thing about these tools is that users can get accurate results from here.

The techniques discussed in this article can be helpful for the readers. They can use the above methods to extract text from images and make it editable.

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