January 26, 2019

What Is SEO? The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet

What Is SEO? The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet – It’s true. SEO is not a topic anymore. Rather, it has become a multi-billion dollar industry now with Forbes reporting “SEO Industry Approaching $80 Billion.” Search Engine Optimisation is something that can grow the sales of a product or customers exponentially overnight. But the beauty of SEO is quite different.What Is SEO?

That is, a website cannot be made perfectly optimised for Search Engine Optimisation overnight. Everyone and their mom know that is defined in a single sentence, SEO means ‘optimising a website in a manner that it ranks higher in Search Engine.’ But, the big Google being the giant & kind of Search Engine industry, in the rest of the article, we’ll equate Google to Search Engine by default.

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What Is SEO? The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet

Now, what you will get in this 10k words guide is a perfect overview of how Search Engine Optimisation has been evolved in the past 10 years. And, what is the future of SEO in 2019 (and beyond).

Yes, we’ll be talking about What is SEO?, the Right answer of ‘Is SEO dead?’, Importance of content, making high-quality backlinks to the website, Is Rank Brain the most important ranking factor? Youtube SEO, Google Algorithmic updates, Integration of Artificial Intelligence with Search Engine Optimisation and much more.

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Each of these topics will be discussed in details. Within thousand words approx for each, we will bless you with exact step by step working strategies. So without further ado, you’re welcome to What Is SEO? The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet and let’s begin.

‘Is SEO Dead?’ This is not just a question. But a horrific life ending statement for bloggers who solely depends on Search Engine Optimisation for their business/ customers and sales. In short, as of today the Answer of this question is NO. And, do you know what the awesome news is?

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The answer to the question ‘Is SEO Dead’ will remain NO until searches are happening on Google, Yahoo and Bing. And, for those who believe that we’re wrong and Google is giving more preference to High Authority news website in terms of ranking. Just to let you know my friend, creating a ‘High Authority Website’ is the ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimisation.

Not that you earn six-digit dollar bucks overnight with a Happy New Year event and done. Just recall the definition of Search Engine Optimisation i.e. ‘optimising a website in a manner that it ranks higher in Search Engine.’

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Here, the manner in which the website will be optimised will keep changing with the passage of time. But SEO won’t be dead ever. Undoubtedly, brand signals play a very important role in Google Rankings. But isn’t that what you ultimately want in life with your blog? That it becomes a brand?

Isn’t that what your users want from you that the blog which they’re taking information from must be a brand. Supposedly you’ve got hundred dollars in your pocket to purchase a new pair of awesome shoes. Will you go for a Nike or for a local vendor selling shoes without any guarantee?

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The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimisation (if talking in long-term) is to convert your single-guy bedroom blog to double-digit employees office company/brand. Then only the existence in the online business is possible. Otherwise, for those who’re doing Search Engine optimisation in a wrong manner, SEO is dead from the day it was born.

Apart from that, the beauty of Search Engine Optimisation is that it must be learnt from your own experience and not from what that X SEO GURU in the market is saying. It’s not a school level chemical equation that has to be mugged up and you don’t have chemicals for an experiment.

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But, it’s just a matter of days. Walking on the correct road of Search Engine Optimisation will lead you to the right destination and will give you the opportunity to take your business to over multi-million dollars worth and beyond.

Search Engine Optimisation on it’s deeper side can be compared to life and death. How? They way life and death is not possible at the philosophical and spiritual level, in the same way, SEO can never be dead or born. Only the way of doing the SEO will change.

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In the same manner, a person cannot be born philosophically. Presence of human being on earth is called Birth. What about the time when he/she was in mother’s womb? Plus, what do you think about the time before when he/she was nothing other than that his/ her father’s sperm? Then the sole question is when do you actually take birth?

If you answer the question ‘Is SEO Dead’ in this way, then SEO was born with the birth of Google and will die with the death of Google. But, what is the pace of changes in methods of doing Search Engine Optimisation?

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With the passage of time, Google has released over double-digit Google Algorithmic updates. And, all those websites which don’t comply with the new updates, terms and conditions are hit and lose their rankings. This phenomenon of losing Google Rankings with Google Algorithmic Updates is called as ‘Website got Penalised by Google’ in the SEO market.

There have been a few large and many smaller updates. What most important to notice is that Google has clearly told the public that Google Algorithmic Updates are live now. Any kind of changes that will be made to the website or blog with the sole aim of earning inorganically will be observed may be manually and be taken into consideration with the immediate effects.

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Following this announcement, the first and foremost priority to move up with Google SEO is to keep the Search Engine Optimisation Algorithmic Updates in mind and then proceed. This has obviously impacted the businesses in the past few years.

But was also a mandatory thing otherwise, those who were producing user engaging, helpful, problem-solving and quality content were buried in the rankings under those websites who managed to make spam comment backlinks with or without investment.

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Google Ranking Factors (That Still Matters In 2019)

Domain-based factors: The beginning of any branded website in the world was marked by its domain name one day. We will obviously not talk about the best tips on what kind of domain you should purchase. Rather we’re interested to let you know that Domain age does matter but not that much.

Apart from that, from the point of SEO, it is mandatory to keep in mind small factors like Country TLD extension, Penalized WhoIs Owner, Public vs. Private WhoIs, Exact Match Domain, Domain History, Keyword in Subdomain, Domain registration length, Keyword as first word in domain and keyword appears in the top level domain etc. etc.

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There is no public response by Google as an Answer to the questions like ‘For how much duration, do the old/ expired domain carries Google Penalty.’ Elaborating this, before purchasing the Domain name, it is quite mandatory for the owner to check the history of the domain with web archive or anything.
Because, supposedly, if the domain you loved and thinking of purchasing was already bought, used and left three years back because of Google Algorithmic Penalty. Then there will be complete chances that you may lose your money and time on the same.

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On-Page Google Ranking Factors: From setting your H1, H2 and H3 headings to Title Tags. From writing the piece of content to ‘How many times a keyword must be used in the article.’ there is an immense number of such questions. In the industry, there have been lots of Results based on proven experiments.

But, more than that exist myths. This is not the case only with On-page Google Ranking factors but with whole Search Engine Optimisation marketplace. While digging deeper you will find proof-less answers to most important questions like – ‘How long does Google Penalty last?’

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Or, you will also come across the self-claimed SEO Gurus telling you that they can rank the website in top three in Google SERPs with just on-page SEO. On the other hand, you will also find experience SEO minds openly challenging that no one on the planet earth can rank a website up higher in Google without making right kind of backlinks.

An important part to learn right now is that different niches/ categories have different sets of SEO strategies implemented. So, once you’re well acquainted with ‘What Is SEO’ don’t waste time here and there in finding out your answers. Observe your own experience and learn from it ASAP.

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Rank Brain: Talking about the most important Google Ranking Factors and forget to mention the Rank Brain? Not possible though. Why? Because you will be more than happy to learn Google has recently announced that Rank Brain is it’s third most important Ranking Factor after content and backlinks.

While talking in-depth of the topic, Rank Brain is quite more on the side of On page SEO vs. Off page SEO. Because Rank Brain is mainly all about the User Signals. The Artificial Intelligence + Machine learning based Algorithm of Google that is – Rank Brain is mainly all about how the Users are behaving on the particular website.

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To tell the media, Government and Public, officially, the Goal or the mission of Google is all about “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” But, for the publishers and website owners, the Goal of the google is to solve the User query as fast as possible.

This $765 billion giant is already investing it’s multi-billion US dollars to achieve this goal. Together with Google and Deepmind (a British artificial intelligence company founded in September 2010) gave birth to this live and real-time updated Rank Brain.

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Two of the most important things that Rank Brain keeps in mind while deciding the rankings of various websites are – Dwell Time and CTR. Higher the both, better the rankings will be. Just keep in mind that Dwell Time in the best possible language can be explained as the Time spent by a particular user on your website.

While CTR full form is Click Through Rate and is estimated in percentage. CTR is basically decided on the basis of Title Tag. More catchy or appealing your Title Tag is, more will be the number of users clicking on your site in Google Search Results.

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Backlink Factors: This has been proved in the Search Engine Optimisation industry now. Irrespective of the fact that how great content you publish on your blog. It will not rank until and unless high-quality backlinks are made to that awesome piece of content. Even the more important question is all about – Why this happens?

To understand Why this happens, you will have to understand the true meaning of backlinks. Definition of Backlinks is short but obviously, the meaning is deep. The definition simply says that the number of websites that are pointing back to you is called backlinks. Though we will talk about this topic in-depth in over a thousand words, later on, this page only.

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But at the same time, Why is it mandatory to make relevant and high-quality backlinks? This question has a very sweet and simple answer that – It’s all is because of the competition. Consider this ideal situation.

Just think that no publisher/ blogger or website owner is making backlinks to their portals. Just suppose that all the websites have zero backlinks. At that time, who’s portal will be ranked higher. The answer is very simple, the one which provides maximum value with their content is likely to rank higher.

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But by just keeping in mind and the way competition is growing, until and unless you also make Good and High quality + relevant backlinks at least similar to or better than your competition, you’re most likely to fail. Just keeping in mind that creating the awesome user-centric content and relevant high-quality backlinks are the right approach for SEO.

Apart from that, you also need to keep learning from great SEO blogs like Ahrefs, Backlinko, Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Diggity Marketing, SEMrush, Yoast, Search Engine Watch, SEO by the Sea, Gotch SEO, Mathew Woodward, Search Engine Roundtable and numerous others.

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The content was/is/will be The KING

Even after investing almost half a billion dollars, Search Engine Giant Google’s Alphabet Inc. acquired the Artificial Intelligence company – Deepmind. And, after investing multi-million dollars in Deepmind’s and Google’s combined project, they launched a real-time machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based algorithm better known as Rank Brain in the rest of the world.

But did you know what the beauty of content is? Such as huge investment couldn’t overtake its position in the top three Google Ranking Factors. Still, Google firmly believes that Content is the number one Ranking Factor. After all, that’s what for Google has 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

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One of the most important observations, if you may have cared about is all about how the agencies and employers hire the content writers today vs. used to hire the content writers three years back. Earlier, while advertising their jobs, people used to say something like – “Looking for someone who can write High-Quality Content.”

But, with the passage of time, the content became so important to the Search Engine Optimisation that people now posts their vacancy advertisements like – “Looking for someone who can write a well-structured SEO optimised content and quality will obviously be the priority.” Probably, now they’re looking more towards the Search Engine Optimisation guidelines.

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And, maybe lesser towards the Quality. But very few of such publishers have been able to identify that “excess of everything is bad and so is the case with SEO guidelines as well.” Although we’ve planned to talk about ‘What Google Wants vs. What User Wants’ in around a thousand words later on.

One important thing to notice here is that Google, by itself, officially on its blog never ever made a statement such as the content must be published keeping the SEO guidelines in mind. In fact, time and again it has been telling the publishers to write the content just by keeping the user satisfaction in mind.

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And, not keeping Google’s ranking factor’s satisfaction. For that to understand, first of all, you will have to find out what actually is the SEO optimised content. No doubt, like every other publisher, Google also has been in the race.

The race is quite simple – Publishers must not be able to differentiate between the ‘User Optimised Content’ and ‘SEO optimised content.’ Both must be one and the same things. And, this race seems lesser a 100 meters sprint and more a 42 kilometres marathon.

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But how this SEO optimised content kind of thing took birth. Initially, when users used to publish the content on Google, they could see their websites ranking instantly. But almost a few years later, that content was not even ranking alone without the backlinks.

Now, as usual, universal truths are the results of experimentation. Keeping this in mind, the bunch of Search Engine Optimisers used to do some experiment with their blogs with the help of their own experience (and by Matt Cutts) used to reach the conclusions.

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Now crucial chunk here is that some folks used to share those tips and tricks in the public, and others might not. Next, as soon as Google came to learn about those bugs, engineers of the same are asked to have the bug fixed as soon as possible.

Now, if you find somewhere the perfect possible answer (though rare to find) for one of the most important questions in the world of Search Engine Optimisation that is – “What kind of content one should write that ranks in Google?” Then, just believe me that answer is the extraction of over five years of experience and of over 7-8 years of observation of what kind of content Google loves.

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But, this isn’t the permanent solution at all. That’s why Google is now becoming more and more strict against the websites that are publishing content only for Google and not for users.

Now, here’s a catch, do you seriously believe that if you will write the content only for users and not optimise it even upto a single per cent and you will rank. No chance at all. Then, upto what percentage you must optimise it? The bad news is – there is no specific answer to this.

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As of now, according to the Brian Dean of backlinko, there are few On-Page Ranking Factors that must be mastered in 2019. This list mainly includes the use of Search Engine Optimisation friendly URLs, Starting the title with Keywords, Adding modifiers to your title, wrapping your blog post title in H1 Tag.

And, Dazzling with multimedia, wrapping subheadings in H2 tags, dropping keywords in first 100 words, using the responsive designs, using outbound links, using internal links, boosting the website speed, sprinkling the LSI keywords, optimising the images, using social sharing buttons, posting the longer content and boosting the dwell time at last.

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On the opposite corner, taking the wrong advantage of the SEO optimised content, what people started doing was all about keyword stuffing and nothing more than that. And, yes initially google also supported them in Ranking unintentionally.

At last, the algorithm is just a coding and nothing else. It will get modified the way changer will want. But obviously, that happens only in the case of Machine learning. What Google is upto with the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence into it’s searching and ranking algorithm will no more be limited to humans itself.

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Cross your fingers and just hope that Artificial Intelligence doesn’t go beyond Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and other things. Regarding your answer on “How to write the best possible content that Ranks in Google?” the answer is – Engaging. There is no doubt in the fact that you will have to obviously optimise your content not just by stuffing the keywords but by other means.

But the sole AIM of writing the content must be to prepare a user engaging article. Although over twenty major tips have been shared in the paragraphs above. But in one line – the content must be written in a manner that the users enjoy reading it and share it.

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Backlinks: Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal (How To Know The Best Ones)

Talking frankly, Backlinks are the backbones of Search Engine Optimisation. Keeping the fact that as of now, we’re not focussing on the social traffic but on the organic one. If that is the case, keep my words, dear friend, you’re sure to lose the race. Considering a situation that if you’ve written the best piece of content on the planet for that particular topic.

Then there are full chances that your work will be appreciated and shared on the social media. But, very lesser chances that it will be able to rank in the Google. Or even if it does, the time period of the same may not be as long as your expectations.

So what to do in this case? No rocket science, just make sure to build the high-quality backlinks to that awesome piece of content. Now, here’s a catch, it is mandatory for you to understand the right meanings of difference between the High Authority backlinks and the High-Quality Backlinks.

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High authority backlinks simply mean that a very high authority website is linking back to your page. And, gone are those days when Google used to rank just on the basis of How many high authority domains are linking back to you.

But in the present era, relevancy is the most important factor. Yes, you heard it right. Just take an example, you have a blog on reviews of the Best Books in the market. And, you’ve written the awesome piece of content about the Best Motivational Books out there.

Now what?

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Suppose again that a website is linking to you is all about the health. Let’s name that website www.health.com for now. While in the next round, there is a website in the same category as you, that is the book’s niche and is also ranking to you. Let’s name this website www.books.com as of now.

Now what will happen is that the link juice flowing from www.books.com and the link juice flowing from the www.health.com will not have an equal impact. And, yes we’re as of now considering that Authority of the both is equal.

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Even some of the SEO gurus out there suggest something awesome. Which in this case you can easily relate to as – 10 backlinks from www.books.com kind of website are almost the same and equal to the 100 backlinks from www.health.com kind of websites. That’s how much is the impact of relevancy.

Various Search Engine Optimisation blogs in the markets have incorporated and published over hundreds of Link Building Strategies. Many of them we will talk about in this guide. As of now you’re very well acquainted with what kind of Backlinks you must make to your long-term blog.

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So now, let’s have a look at all the important Backlinks building strategies for once. Few major ones from them are Alumni Lists and Directories, Ask people you know for links, be specific with your outreach, Better business bureau, blog commenting (still alive), Blog directories, Chamber of commerce, company directory submissions.

While the list obviously continues with the remaining ones such as Contribution to crowdsourced posts, create an RSS feed, create shoulder niche content, crowdfunding, discounts, donate to charities and non-profits, Email people that you mention, Email signatures, Event resources, Fix grammar and spelling, getting links from Scraped content, Guest blogging, Hire a recent graduates, intern/ job postings, Link out.

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And, Links from shopping mall websites, lists, local listing, mention specific people, niche specific directories, offline marketing, our retailers pages, paid directories, personalised Email to contact forms, profile links, question and answer sites, printable resources, reciprocal linking, reclaim links pointing to 404s, reclaim profile page links, scoop.it, slide share presentations, social coupons etc.

Undoubtedly, the list keeps growing with other advanced and beginner level tactics such as – Sponsor events, Sponsor venues, Text interviews, video submissions, work with niche – specific link builders, write testimonials, alumni spotlight, ask customers, associations and organisations, badges, best tools lists, blogger reviews, brand mentions, broken link building, build relationships, calendar guides, case studies.

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And, charts and graphs, complete lists, content acquisition, contest giveaways, contribute to Wikipedia, create a blog, create controversial content, crowdsources content, CSS galleries and Awards, curate awesome content, Curated Rankings, curriculum links, dead content recreation, debunk myths, do something shocking, drawing and illustrations, E-commerce partnerships etc.

Moreover, the list is also including the other important techniques such as Egobait, Emotional content, Event recaps, evergreen content, Expiring domains, Find influencers in Buzzsumo, Find link opportunities with reverse Image search, Find people using your images, find malware, forum posting.

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And, Got covered in local newspaper sites, get interviewed on podcasts, Get people to see and read your content, Glossary of Industry terms, Green content, help a local non-profit, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), Help college clubs, Hire industry veterans, Host other people’s events, How to guides and tutorials, humours, Icon sets, Infographics, Instructographics etc.

Apart from that, we also have on our list – Interview an expert, linkable images, List of stats, live blogging, Make it easy to link, Maps, Newsletters, Niche Communities, Offer Discounts, Paid reviews, Podcasts lists, Press releases, Previous linkers, Product comparisons, Quizzes and Tests.

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And, Quotable text, Research competitors, Resources/ link pages, reverse guest blogging, review something new, Second Tier Link Building, Social Platforms for Outreach, speak at the Universities, Start a petition, Stories, Student Blogs, Target Link Roundups, The moving man method, The skyscraper technique, Timely/ Seasohumourtent, Transcribe content, Translate content, Video Embeds, Web tools etc.

Plus, apart from that, there also been talks about how to make backlinks using Webinars, white papers, widgets, Your commenters, your twitter followers etc. And, next talking about the Advanced techniques, just be first to update the news, Blog network (white hat), browser toolbars and extensions, buy existing websites, co-branded content, Coin a new term, complete guides, contrarian content.

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And, create an awesome WordPress theme, create something controversial, data and research, Design and coding help, filling the gaps in the content, get your own column, get your own Wikipedia page, Quest graphics, having influence, host your own events, interactive content, microsites, Mobile app lists etc.

Apart from that, some extremely advanced tips are also there such as – Newsjacking, non-brand mention monitoring, non-WordPress themes, plugins and extensions, PR outreach, Publish educational content, research papers, reverse Engineering linkable assets, scholarships, speak at the conference, Surveys, tap into holidays, update old content, video infographics etc.

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Undoubtedly, anchor text is something that really plays a very important role in terms of Backlinks building. Anchor text is the portion of the text on which you have received the backlink from any other website. What most important to learn right here is that there was a time when Anchor text primarily used to decide the rankings.

Even as of now in December 2018, yes it is a Google Ranking factor that how many websites are linking back to you for that web page’s focus keyword. Better you understand this with an example. Suppose your focus keyword is ‘SEO Tools.’ Now, in what manner you must have anchor text so that your portal lives longer as you expect it to be.

Primarily, if your blog post is optimised around the keyword SEO tools, then, must make sure the number of referring domains linking back to your web page on ‘SEO Tools’ or ‘SEO Tool’ must not be more than 1%. Here’s a note that this anchor text trick should only be implemented when you’re building links manually.

While in the remaining cases when links are built naturally (that generally doesn’t happen), what you can do is to let everything happen naturally and doesn’t care about the anchor texts much. While 70% of your anchor text in manual link building must be all about the naked URL. remaining ones on your Title tag and equally distributed between the LSI keywords. We have a guide on How to find LSI keywords on ALLTECHBUZZ you may refer to it as well.

Actually, in between what happened is that building backlinks paved a way. The more referring domains linking back to you for particular anchor text, higher will be your chances for ranking on those anchor texts. But, there’s a catch. Now, this rule is no more implemented.

New rule of this marketplace clearly depicts that for a long-term website or a blog, you must take care of your anchor text. Otherwise, Google may penalise your blog. There are cases where natural link-building is there, in those cases you need not worry about the anchor texts much.

Rank Brain: Most Game-Changing Algorithms Took Birth In Google’s Office

As already told, Rank Brain is now the third most important Google Ranking Factor among all. Then? What’s the big deal about it. Here’s the biggest deal by the way for you – there are companies that are ready to invest over millions of dollar in the first.

And, the second most important Ranking Factors that is content creation and backlinks building respectively. But the awesome part is that you need not invest a single penny on Rank Brain.

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Again, the horrific part is that, if you do, you may hurt your own business only. How? Let’s understand it much deeper by the way. First of all, just learn that Google’s Rank Brain ranking factor is nothing more than a perfectly optimised page.

How? Because more the dwell time and better the CTR (Click Through Rate), more will be the chances that you are the apple of the eyes of the Rank Brain.

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And, interestingly, both dwell time and click-through rates are completely associated with Google’s number 1 Ranking factor that is Content.

More engaging and problem-solving your content will be, better the chances of users staying on your website for the longer period of time. Thus, ultimately increasing your dwell time.

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Now, what about the CTR? (just to remind you, CTR second important factor of Google Rank Brain algorithm) CTR full form is Click Through Rate.

There is no rocket science behind creating a great CTR. CTR has to be appealing in such a manner that people are more likely to click on your website instead of your competitor. Thus, give yourself lots and lots of time while creating the Title tag that converts.

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When a user type for a search query in the Google, she may not be able to look through your ten thousand words guide in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

But, there are many things you can do to create an appealing Title tag that converts even if all other nine competitors are having greater content then yours.

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According to Moz, there are various things to keep in mind while sorting out for the Title tag that is to Watch your Title length, don’t overdo SEO keywords, give every page a unique title, Put important keywords first, Take advantage of your brand and write for your customers.

Also, there was research published in the paper a few days back, concluding that “That’ll make you” was the most used and was proved most successful Title tag overall.

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There are chances when Google may put some other article of your website instead of the one you want. Thus, for different topics please make sure to select the right Title Tags. Just don’t make your title keyword stuffed and make sure title does match the query another wise whole point of writing the in-depth guide of ten thousand words goes in vain.

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Now, comes the execution part, here’s what is being done by the Google Rank Brain. It is as simple as the fact that first of all, Google makes sure that all the websites appearing in the top 10 pages are of good quality by filtering your website through all the Google Algorithmic updates. After passing the test of Google Algorithms if your website is found the living, then only your portal may appear in the top 10.

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What next? Now comes the role of Google Rank Brain. Since for every topic on the planet or the keyword with quite a good amount of searches per month, all the 10 websites will be able to receive some or the other visitors. Now, the behaviour of all those visitors will be recognised by the Algorithms of the Google Rank Brain.

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They will check out the dwell time. Next, they will check out the CTR. depending on which, the rankings will be decided. Just to let you know, there is no official comparison between which one out of CTR and Dwell Time is given more preference while deciding the rankings. But, yet, from the user behaviour point of view, both are equally important.

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YouTube SEO or Video SEO: What Is The Future Of Vlogging?

As keeping all the major details in mind, images can be remembered 60,000 times longer than just text. There are undoubtedly various YouTube Ranking Factors. Many of them are quite different from the Google ranking factors. But one is quite similar that is Average Watch Time. The time that users spend watching your videos is the average watch time.

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As keeping all the major details in mind, images can be remembered 60,000 times longer than just text. There are undoubtedly various YouTube Ranking Factors. Many of them are quite different from the Google ranking factors. But one is quite similar that is Average Watch Time. The time that users spend watching your videos is the average watch time.

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There are various ranking factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization of the video. The list is quite long, but let us discusses the important ones only. First of all, let us talk about the Title Tag. There is no doubt in the fact that Title tag should be designed in a manner that it is most suited for clicks. Although, you must not write anything fake on the Title tag. Yet you must keep in mind that content inside the video must be best suited for users.

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Regarding Title tags, there is one more thing you must keep in mind that is to begin your Title Tag with the focus keyword you want to rank for. This gives a very clear sign to the world’s largest video search engine – Youtube, that this is the keyword you want to rank for.

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Now coming to the image part. Recent studies conducted by various computer scientists and video publishing platforms clearly shows that the images containing related text are most preferred to be clicked on. Moreover, here’s something you will want to learn about. The beauty of YouTube is that to increase the Click Through Rate, Youtube provides more chances in comparison to the websites in Google search engine result pages.

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Following this, it has been observed, the more appealing your image is, more will be click-through rate on that image. Thus, here you can conclude that featured image of the video has to be designed in the manner that it attracts the visitors more towards your video in comparison to other ones. But, at the same time, you must also keep in mind that the Search Engine Optimisation is all about organic clicks and not clickbait.

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What to write in the Description? Just remember that Video description is never designed by the google with the intention in mind that creators will be allowed to put a large number of keywords in their description to have their videos ranked. What most important on the other hand is that just write only those things that are related to video or in the video.

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Just remember that if the algorithms of Youtube catch you, there will be least possible chances for you to grow up again. Because there are maximum possible chances that your channel will be banned for sure. Regarding featured images, another most important thing is that – never ever think of copying images of other videos other you’ve very great chances of getting the Copyright Strikes on your YouTube channel and have it banned.

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That means, never ever think of creating a description that is written with the sole purpose of ranking only. Here, one important thing is that, try to write the small blog posts in your video. Not too long, but make sure to write at least 1k words in your videos’ description. Now, let’s switch onto Tags. Actually, there have been lots of myths regarding the Tags.

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The first one was earlier a myth but now it has been proved as a fact that you may copy some important tags of your competitor’s video. Why? Because irrespective of the fact that how great you’re at Search Engine Optimisation or how awesome you can write the piece of content, what you’ll find at the end of the day even after having 100 million subscribers is that the maximum views received by your videos will be all from the Browse Features and Suggested Videos.

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Google Algorithms: The Word Every Blogger Is Afraid Of!

The list is further continued keeping in mind these following Google Algorithmic updates – Austin — January 1, 2004, Brandy — February 1, 2004, Google IPO — August 1, 2004, Nofollow — January 1, 2005, Allegra — February 1, 2005. Bourbon — May 1, 2005, Personalized Search — June 1, 2005, XML Sitemaps — June 1, 2005, Gilligan — September 1, 2005, Jagger — October 1, 2005, Google Local/Maps — October 1, 2005, Big Daddy — December 1, 2005, Supplemental Update — November 1, 2006, False Alarm — December 1, 2006, Universal Search — May 1, 2007 etc.

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And, Buffy — June 1, 2007, Dewey — April 1, 2008, Google Suggest — August 1, 2008, Rel-canonical Tag — February 1, 2009, Vince — February 1, 2009, Caffeine (Preview) — August 1, 2009, Real-time Search — December 1, 2009, Google Places — April 1, 2010, May Day — May 1, 2010.

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And, Caffeine (Rollout) — June 1, 2010, Brand Update — August 1, 2010, Google Instant — September 1, 2010, Instant Previews — November 1, 2010 and Social Signals — December 1, 2010. Moreover, here’s the last update of the 2010 year and next let’s move onto 2011 – Negative Reviews — December 1, 2010.

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And, Caffeine (Rollout) — June 1, 2010, Brand Update — August 1, 2010, Google Instant — September 1, 2010, Instant Previews — November 1, 2010 and Social Signals — December 1, 2010. Moreover, here’s the last update of the 2010 year and next let’s move onto 2011 – Negative Reviews — December 1, 2010.

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In the year 2011, following updates where there – Overstock.com Penalty — January 1, 2011, Attribution Update — January 28, 2011, Panda/Farmer — February 23, 2011, The +1 Button — March 30, 2011, Panda 2.0 (#2) — April 11, 2011, Panda 2.1 (#3) — May 9, 2011, Schema.org — June 2, 2011, Panda 2.2 (#4) — June 21, 2011, Google+ — June 28, 2011, Panda 2.3 (#5) — July 23, 2011, Panda 2.4 (#6) — August 12, 2011.


And, Expanded Sitelinks — August 16, 2011, Pagination Elements — September 15, 2011, 516 Algo Updates — September 21, 2011 etc. Panda 2.5 (#7) — September 28, 2011, Panda “Flux” (#8) — October 5, 2011, Query Encryption — October 18, 2011, Freshness Update — November 3, 2011, 10-Pack of Updates — November 14, 2011, Panda 3.1 (#9) — November 18, 2011, December 10-Pack — December 1, 2011 etc.

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In 2012 year, following updates were there – January 30-Pack — January 5, 2012, Search + Your World — January 10, 2012, Panda 3.2 (#10) — January 18, 2012, Ads Above The Fold — January 19, 2012, February 17-Pack — February 3, 2012, Panda 3.3 (#11) — February 27, 2012, February 40-Pack (2) — February 27, 2012, Venice — February 27, 2012, Search Quality Video — March 12, 2012, Panda 3.4 (#12) — March 23, 2012, March 50-Pack — April 3, 2012, Parked Domain Bug — April 16, 2012, Panda 3.5 (#13) — April 19, 2012,

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And, Penguin — April 24, 2012, Panda 3.6 (#14) — April 27, 2012, April 52-Pack — May 4, 2012, Knowledge Graph — May 16, 2012, Penguin 1.1 (#2) — May 25, 2012, May 39-Pack — June 7, 2012, Panda 3.7 (#15) — June 8, 2012, Panda 3.8 (#16) — June 25, 2012, Link Warnings — July 19, 2012, Panda 3.9 (#17) — July 24, 2012, DMCA Penalty (“Pirate”) — August 10, 2012, June/July 86-Pack — August 10, 2012 etc.

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And, 7-Result SERPs — August 14, 2012, Panda 3.9.1 (#18) — August 20, 2012, Panda 3.9.2 (#19) — September 18, 2012, Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update — September 27, 2012, Panda #20 — September 27, 2012, August/ September 65-Pack — October 4, 2012, Penguin #3 — October 5, 2012, Page Layout #2 — October 9, 2012, Panda #21 — November 5, 2012, Panda #22 — November 21, 2012, Knowledge Graph Expansion — December 4, 2012, Panda #23 — December 21, 2012 etc.

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Following are the updates for the year 2013 – Panda #24 — January 22, 2013, Panda #25 — March 14, 2013, “Phantom” — May 9, 2013, Domain Crowding — May 21, 2013, Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013, Panda Dance — June 11, 2013, “Payday Loan” Update — June 11, 2013, Multi-Week Update — June 27, 2013, Panda Recovery — July 18, 2013, Knowledge Graph Expansion — July 19, 2013, Unnamed Update — July 26, 2013, In-depth Articles — August 6, 2013, Hummingbird  —  August 20, 2013, Penguin 2.1 (#5)  —  October 4, 2013.

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Future of Search Engine Optimisation: What will happen in 2019 (and Beyond)

Now let’s talk about another most important aspect of the Search Engine Optimisation. In the introduction of this guide, we already told you that Search Engine Optimisation can never be dead. We very well explained that it took birth with the birth of Search Engine and will die with the death of Google which is not possible keeping present scenario in mind. Now, what next? What will happen to the Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in 2019?

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Here’s what will happen – Google will surely become more and more converge towards it’s the ultimate goal that is – to satisfy the user with the best possible answer and with fastest possible speed. That’s what Search Engine Optimisation is all about. That is something from the side of Google. That is all about what Google will do.

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Otherwise, like a few days earlier, all the APK based and download niche based Google Adsense Accounts have been banned directly without any pre-notice. In the same manner, the websites and blogs which will be designed for the sole AIM of earning money and not with the aim of satisfying the Google Users with either be banned or have their Google Rankings getting downranked.

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Otherwise, like a few days earlier, all the APK based and download niche based Google Adsense Accounts have been banned directly without any pre-notice. In the same manner, the websites and blogs which will be designed for the sole AIM of earning money and not with the aim of satisfying the Google Users with either be banned or have their Google Rankings getting downranked.

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One this is far clear, that 2019 will be the year in which rankings of the websites and videos in Google search engine result pages and YouTube search engine result pages will solely be decided by one thing and that is all about the Rank Brain. And, as we already depicted that Rank Brain is all about the user satisfaction, then along with the Search Engine Optimisation in mind, the individual will have to think about user satisfaction.

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Tell us genuinely which one are you most likely to read? Undoubtedly, your answer is the third one. In the same manner, Google is also trying it’s level best to find out what users want. On that basis only, Google has finalised that it is going to rank the websites. Although our next topic is all about What Users Want vs. What Google Wants. Do make sure to read that complete guide.

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Tell us genuinely which one are you most likely to read? Undoubtedly, your answer is the third one. In the same manner, Google is also trying it’s level best to find out what users want. On that basis only, Google has finalised that it is going to rank the websites. Although our next topic is all about What Users Want vs. What Google Wants. Do make sure to read that complete guide.

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Gone are those days when with the help of Search Engine optimisation, publishers used to rank. Wait, wait. there is a correction. With the wrong use of Search Engine Optimisation, publishers used to rank. Now, the situation has come to a point that in 2019, if you try to manipulate the Google Search Engine Result Pages just for the sake of publishing content and creating video and to have your – name, fame and money, you’ll be on gunpoint of the Google Algorithmic Updates and banned soon.

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In short, 2019 will be the more precise year. In this year, the search engine giant Google is expected to be in love with quality over quantity. With this term quality over quantity, I hold the memories of the Maccabees update. This update was launched in December 2017. And, was very important to have on the website. How?

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Because this is the update which decided that pages with quality only will be preferred with the rankings. And, none other than that. Concluding that, a website containing 10 quality pages that provide value is far better than a website containing 100 medium quality pages. Now, these two are far far better than the website that contains 1000 low-quality pages.

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What users want vs. What Google want

Let me tell you the ultimate universal truth of this Search Engine Optimisation galaxy. The whole race of Search Engine Optimisation is all about “What Google Want vs. What Users Want.” And the beauty of this truth is that, only on the basis of this term, whole future of Search Engine Optimisation will depend. Undoubtedly, backlinks are required to have your website ranked in the top 10 search engine results pages better known as SERPs.

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But, here’s a catch as well. Supposedly even after spending millions of dollars into the backlinks, and after reaching in the top 10 results, if you could not satisfy the users, Google will not think twice in the drop down your rankings. Concluding, what do you really focus upon? Is it user satisfaction or is it Search Engine Optimisation. That’s what our query is all about – What Users Want vs. What Google Want.

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Let us take you to the inner depth of search engine optimisation. There is no doubt in the fact that Google was founded on 4 September 1998. And, on this day only, Search Engine Optimisation was also born. Needless to say, SEO later became more and more important as Google users increased with the passage of time.

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The birthplace of Google was Menlo Park, California, United States. Now since 4 September 1998 to December 2018, in more than last 20 years, SEO has changed dramatically. But, this whole game is pointing towards one thing only. And, that is all about minimising the difference between What Google Want and What Users Want. I repeat the sole aim of Search Engine Optimisation both from the side of Google and publishers is one – To minimise the difference between what users want vs. What Google want to the maximum possible extent.

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Then, what is something that creates the problem actually? It’s the greed of acquiring maximum possible visitors on the individual’s website without putting in the maximum efforts. And, what is that at all? Because it marked it’s beginning with wrong teachings. I still remember, when I started blogging, there were SEO gurus who used to teach that SEO is all about lots of comment backlinks, SEO is all about lots of keyword stuffing and all such things.

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But with the passage of time, things kept changing and something new appeared in front of the public. But, still in all that, where was the quality over quantity approach. That’s how with the launch of the game changer that is – Rank Brain, normal Search Engine Optimisers started to believe that SEO is dead. But, in the right possible language, SEO is changed, not dead.

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Actually, it was the short-term misconception behind which all the little knowledge holders kept running. Now, here’s something you must be acquainted of. From the begging itself, neither Google nor users wanted the Keyword stuffing. Then how people started believing this by the way? This question is already answered – because of short-term misconception.

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Now, what was the misconception actually? This misconception was started with a bunch of experiments. Here’s how. Some so-called self-claimed SEO gurus started experimenting with how the website is ranked? They tried the number of things. And, this experimentation list also includes – putting in a large number of keywords all over the content. And, they were more than happy to learn that it worked.

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Oh my God, putting in a large number of keywords, especially in the first paragraph completely changed their economic condition. Now, they were rich, they had cars and many other such things. In this curtain of name, fame and money in front of their eyes, they forgot one most important thing that is – Google is not a blog or website like theirs. It is a billion dollar search engine king company which employees over 88,110 human beings.

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And, another most important part they forgot is that out of these 88k employees, maximum of them are Engineers and Computer scientists which can catch their theft and down rank their website like a stone. Oh my god, and that’s what actually happened. Within next few weeks, all those so called SEO Gurus have their teachings remained of no use and lost their even million dollar websites overnight.

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Integration & Right Use Of Artificial Intelligence in SEO

You won’t be able to understand this portion clearly if you don’t hold a good idea about Artificial Intelligence and related terms such as Artificial General Intelligence and Machine Learning. Starting with the basic portion, Machine Learning is nothing more than old-fashioned coding that is primarily used to teach the machines. Say for example you’ve set an Alarm in the Mobile Phone to wake up at 5 in the morning.

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Already, there have been some pre-taught lessons about ringing the alarm on the mobile phone. But still, by setting the Alarm of 5 AM, you’ve told the machine to wake you up. Similarly, while entering into the malls, you may have come across the main slider gates that automatically slides to open and shut. Now, what’s going on here, will you say that this is Artificial Intelligence? Only because it recognises you with the help of sensors on the top.

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Obviously no, it’s just a machine learning algorithm which is operated with the help of the coded chip and sensors. You must know that it’s not opening up for you only. Rather, even if some non-living thing like Bike or Car (Tesla mainly in automatic mode) will appear in front of the slider gate, the sensor will feel that there is something and they will open up.

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If you go up and talk more in details and say that you don’t agree with us, because there are other gates as well, that opens up only for humans and not for non-living things. Even then you’re wrong, that’s also not an Artificial Intelligence but a machine learning with the different codes of sensing the warmth released by the human body.

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Now, what is Artificial Intelligence then? According to Wikipedia, this is the definition of Artificial Intelligence – “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” But, we bet, you still have doubt in your mind regarding what Artificial Intelligence is all about?

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So, here we’re with the primary solution to your question. In local and understandable definition, Artificial Intelligence is something that evolves on its own. Something that learns from its surroundings, it’s own experience and then acts accordingly. Now, let’s relate this to the Search Engine Optimisation. Otherwise, you’ll far be involved in AI and Machine learning and get away from the topic.

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Being in the tech field so far, hopefully, you must be acquainted with Elon Musk. If not, let us tell you that – the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; co-founder and CEO of Neuralink; and co-founder of PayPal. In one of his recode interview video (that is still available on YouTube), he said he’s afraid of Google.

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But why at all? Before finding the answer, just let’s that – this is what he exactly said – “I created OpenAI, that is actually a non-profit organisation. Moreover, the government structure here is important so you want to make sure that there was not some fiduciary to generate a profit of the ad technology was developed. We created this 501c3 with the sole aim of ethical use of the Artificial Intelligence.”

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While, in another interview, he said that he’s afraid of Google because along with the Deepmind’s Artificial Intelligence Capabilities, it has already provided it’s data centres administrative access to AI. Like, if you search for the term Who is the president of India, even without pressing the enter button, you will have your Answer in front of you on the screen.

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Moreover, when Google was acquiring the Deepmind Technologies, it’s co-founder and owner Demis Hassabis met Sergey Brin and Larry Page. And, this is what he told Mr Hassabis – “I see Google’s future as an Artificial Intelligence Company.” Now, hope you can get what’s going here in all around the world of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ranking Factors, Backlinks, Google Adsense, Affiliates and most importantly What users want vs. What Google wants.

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