March 10, 2021

What is the best strategy to buy app reviews and downloads?

To buy app reviews and downloads is a solution for your marketing if you’re looking for new ways to promote your app. Motivated downloads help you to improve your ranking and consequently visibility in the app store. Organic users tend to install an app from the top 3 search results. So, you have to be at the top to catch their interest. Motivated reviews also positively affect your promotion. They help to get to the index by a keyword and gain a good reputation. Combining these two marketing tricks, you can achieve notable results in a short time. Let’s get to know how to plan your marketing campaign wisely.

How to start buying app downloads

The first steps are always hard if you don’t know the right approach. When your app is new, your first aim is to index it. Indexation of an app means that it’ll become visible in the search results by a certain keyword. A keyword is a search request, word, or phrase that users type in the app market to look for a needed application. As already said, the top 3 apps get that major part of impressions and installs.

You can achieve that if you buy app reviews and downloads. But it’s essential to select the right phrases for your campaign. The key prerequisite is the relevance of your search terms. They should display your app’s characteristics and functions in a precise manner. If you have a VPN client, don’t use the keyword “VPN browser” to promote it. You may gain a high rank by this search request, but you’ll lose it soon. Motivated installs give you visibility, but only organic users help you to keep your position.

If your app doesn’t match the search intent of users, they won’t install it. So, you’ll just waste your money on targeting irrelevant phrases. To avoid that, select them carefully and check the relevance manually. You can do it simply: Type a search term and scroll the results. If you see that apps are similar to yours, use it without any doubts. Besides, the popularity and difficulty are significant metrics for keywords.

At the early stage of app marketing, you should choose less competitive search terms. Note that you’ll reach more audience if you’ll be the first by less popular request than in 250 by the most popular one. So, search requests for your first campaign should consist of 3-5 words. If you have trouble with selecting keywords, you can feel free to use suggestions of the smart campaign on the platform.

How many installs do you need

Having chosen appropriate keywords, you face another problem. How many installs do you need to buy for each phrase? We have to say that there’s no perfect solution for all applications. The needed number of installs depends on lots of factors like your niche, region, the difficulty of a keyword, etc. Thus, the best way to get an idea about it without wasting lots of money is to start a small campaign.

Set up an order for 7 days with 5 keywords. Buy 10-15 installs for each one. After a week of promotion, you’ll understand how your search terms react to the motivated traffic. If you see that a keyword performs great, and your position grows, keep ordering the same number of installs until you get to the top 20.

However, if there aren’t any changes in your rank, buy a bit more downloads. Track the results after a couple of days. If you still don’t have any enhancement, delete this search term from your campaign. Note that motivated traffic has to imitate organics. It means that if your app gets few impressions and installs from organic users, you can’t order too many keyword installs. Your promotion should look natural.

Otherwise, the algorithm may ban your app. So, if you have 50 installs from search, you can’t order twice more motivated downloads. Only when your app is in the top 20, you can gradually increase the volumes. Such a way of promotion may take more time, but it’s sure to bring you results in the long run.

Why should you buy app reviews

What is the use of motivated reviews? Why should you buy both app reviews and downloads? Because they can bring you a variety of benefits. The first one, which is relevant for new apps, is indexation. Insert keywords to your meta and description. After that, the algorithm will associate you with these phrases.

But you can also add the same words and collocations to your reviews. You can even leverage brand keywords, which are a great traffic source. So, a comment like “The best alternative for Uber I’ve ever seen” will help to index this keyword. Another aspect concerns the app’s rating and reputation. First of all, your rating is an important metric when the algorithm calculates your rank.

Also, presenting your app in the most favorable light will motivate your potential users to install your app. Think over your own behavior. Which app would you download: the one with or without positive reviews? We don’t recommend you to fool your customers, as it’ll destroy your brand.

But benefits of your product highlighted in reviews inspire more trust than in the description. You can order comments about your specific features that make your app better than competitors. As you see, buying app reviews is a great trick for your promotion.

Summing up, we want to point out our key tips about how to buy app reviews and downloads.

  • Pick up keywords for your campaign carefully. They should be relevant and have a low or medium difficulty score.
  • Don’t try to target the most popular phrases and get quick results.
  • Launch a test campaign with 10-15 installs to understand how many downloads each keyword needs.
  • Track your changes and adjust your campaign constantly.
  • Order reviews to index your app faster. Also, use them to improve your reputation and ranking.

We hope that your tips will help you to make your app marketing easy and effective. If you still have some questions about how to buy app reviews and downloads, you can get a free consultation from a manager.

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