February 14, 2021

What is Tunngle – In-Depth Account

Tunngle is actually a p2p VPN (Virtual Private Network) tool that has been a remarkable revolution in the world of the internet. The VPN tool tends to provide the best digital entertainment experience. It is crafted to facilitate PC gamers to play their LAN games over the internet with comfort and zero hassle!

Tunngle is more than a VPN network! Its powerful emulation features provide virtual support to nearly any game that operates on IP-based LAN gaming. It’s not just games but you can use the Tunngle LAN emulation with any virtual program that supports IP-based networking.

Download Tunngle 5.8.9

How does Tunngle Work? 

Well, Tunngle requires you to register yourself and join the Tunngle community. Tunngle is available for download for free! But the entire process is a bit complicated. But when you have succeeded in downloading the program and have your login credentials sorted, it is just a simple process to sign in and then you can join chat rooms, share files, and most importantly, join games.

Technically speaking, when you download Tunngle, a background controller service is set to run automatically. However, one can delay the service to run via the service manager. The software also adds a scheduled task to the Windows Task Scheduler in order to run the program at various schedules. The software gets connected to the internet and adds a Windows firewall exception.

Tunngle’s Interface

Tunngle has the default red and black interface due to which it’s a bit difficult to read and that’s also due to the small fonts. However, the convenient aspect is that the program is divided into different parts that are displayed in tab-like sections across the top of the window and the users can enjoy all the features online.

Chat Rooms

If you want to enjoy games with your friends over Tunngle, you’ll have to make them sign up too. Once they are on Tunngle, you can easily initiate private chats with them by tapping the Messenger icon in the top right corner. Besides, there is this Tunngle sharing option too via which you can share different files with friends.

Networking with Tunngle

The gaming enthusiasts can join different gaming networks. One can even search for a particular gaming network.

To view all games, you can go to Community > Networks > Browser. Whatever game you like, you just need to double click and you are in. You can also use the chat function that is present throughout the Tunngle. Moreover, you can also take help from online FAQs and forums. Besides, you can also find a lot of Tunngle tutorials if you navigate through the web. Tunngle is interestingly a new alternative for gaming enthusiasts who can play games against their friends and even strangers, by just using VPN.

Software Specifications

The Tunngle app/ software is available to download for free. Its user’s license can also be obtained for free! The software is last updated on the 14th of January, 2020. While, its recent version is 5.8 7, though there are 24 older versions too! The app is developed by Tunngle.net GmbH while Windows Vista is its compliant operating system.

Enjoy Original as well as Pirated Games

Tunngle is basically a form of VPN service, that trick the games to conclude that they are being run on LAN. This service is, in fact, very similar to Hamachi. You can enjoy a lot of original and pirated games that could operate on LAN.

Tunngle Hosts a variety of VPNs

There are hundreds of private VPNs over Tunngle and each VPN supports a different game. The users can browse different games over Tunngle, connect to a VPN designated for their chosen game, and can then join the league with other players over the same VPN. This is, in fact, the most promising reason for using Tunngle!

The VPN service is certainly a source of entertainment for avid gamers which lets them play original and pirated games which they cannot play without having a LAN. But since Tunngle makes use of a private network, there are legit security concerns. While using VPN is somehow illegal too! So one must stay careful and be aware of their country’s rules and regulations about internet browsing.

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