November 10, 2021


Are you a graphic designer who is confused about which software to use for your brand projects? Choosing software that caters to all your needs and demands is the key to making your project top class. Check out the top 6 software that graphic designers can use for your projects to be the next best thing!

What Best Software do Graphic Designers use?

There is plenty of software in the market that you could go for. But many of them lack the basic tools that you need for advanced editing and designing. Therefore, we have shortlisted six software that graphic designers can use without giving it a second shot. Have a look at them!

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is the most popular software among graphic designers mainly because of the versatile tools that it offers the user. You can create anything on this platform, starting with a logo for a certain company, an advertisement, website designing, poster making, and others. You can use it to edit and photoshop images, create 3D images, and even digital painting. The software can be used on your smartphones, Windows laptop, and Mac.

Adobe Illustrator

This software mainly deals with vector designing. Adobe Illustrator is very easy to use as it has multiple tools for its user at every level. You can create any form of vector art, and it will be compatible with your business card to billboard projects. You can also adjust shapes and fonts according to your wish. You need to change the width, slant, and weight of the same.

The software also helps beginners to grow as it has a professionally designed template on which they can work. Adobe Illustrator also has a smartphone version – Adobe Illustrator Draw. You can also use it on your Mac and Windows laptops.

Adobe InDesign

As we can see, Adobe has a lot to offer when it comes to graphic designers. Another software that can be used by graphic designers for their projects regarding brochures, PDFs, posters, and books is – Adobe InDesign. You can find a variety of tools in the properties panel to adjust your text and design. The AI technology allows you to rearrange and resize images according to your wish. It also offers the Creative Cloud feature, like other Adobe software, where you can share your work with other users. Adobe InDesign can be used in Mac and Windows.


This software allows you to work mainly on digital designing. Digital designing is used while creating interfaces, apps, and websites. It has different tools that will help you in vector designing as well. Sketch offers its users a feature by which it can collaborate with other users to create a prototype of a definite artwork.

Unlike Adobe, this software doesn’t allow you to create and edit images. We will not recommend this software if you want to work with illustrations or print design. The sketch is only available on Mac.


Like other graphic designing platforms, CorelDRAW is multi-purpose software that is well popular among designers. This is one of the best software to create vector illustrations. The softer is fast, swift, smart, and user-friendly. The variety of tools it offers makes it one of the top choices among designers while working on digital logos, print projects, and websites.

CorelDRAW has an AI technology that gives the user a 3D image of the sketching by refining the image into fine vector curves. It also lets you edit and enhance your images and texts. CorelDRAW is available on both Mac and Windows.


If you are new to the graphic designing world, then this software is suitable for you. This multi-purpose platform can be used by illustrators, web designers, and graphic designers. It has various drawing and texting tools which you can use to brush up your skill as a graphic designer. For experienced graphic designers, you can use Inkscape to create next-level vector illustrations in the SVG format. You can use this on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we’ve been able to help you pick out software that you are comfortable working with. Have a nice day!

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