June 22, 2021

What to Do if You See the “SIM Not Provisioned” MM2 Error

Whenever you purchase a brand-new phone, it’s normal to feel excited to start using it right away so you can text your friends and family, flexing your new phone to them. However, have you ever tried buying a new phone, inserting your SIM card into it, and then seeing an MM2 error code that says “SIM not provisioned”?

You would probably feel confused or devastated, unsure whether you bought a defective phone or SIM card. Well, worry not, because this article will definitely help you try and remedy this issue. We’ve compiled a few troubleshooting steps you can follow if you want to fix the problem on your own.

What Causes This Error to Appear?

Don’t feel too bad if you ever see this MM2 error because the chances of fixing it on your own are very high. Plus, the troubleshooting steps we’ll suggest to you in this article are simple and easy to do, so you won’t have any trouble doing them on your own and without any assistance from a more techy person.

That being said, what are the possible causes that make this error appear on your device? Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Your SIM card’s service provider is down, so your SIM cannot communicate or send and receive data from the server.
  • If your SIM card is old, it may be time for you to change it for a new one.
  • You didn’t insert your SIM card correctly.
  • Your provider may have deactivated your SIM card.

Of course, there are other possible reasons outside of these four, but these are some of the most common causes. Before trying any of the troubleshooting steps found below, we highly recommend that you backup your contacts first just in case something goes wrong and you end up losing your contacts. Backing this data up onto a computer or on the SIM card itself can save you time and trouble from having to save your friends’ and family’s contact information from scratch.

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What Can You Do to Fix This Issue?

When you see the MM2 error, this usually means that your SIM card isn’t working as it should. When you’re hit with this error, this means you can’t call anyone except emergency numbers and helpline numbers. That being said, this error only affects your SIM card, and you can still use your phone like you normally would, except you can’t send or receive calls and messages.

With that out of the way, here are some of the ways you can fix the “SIM not provisioned” issue.

Restart Your Phone

When it comes to fixing any issues related to smartphones and similar devices, the first thing you need to do is restart the device immediately because most of the time, the issue goes away after doing so. In some instances, this MM2 error is one of those issues that can be remedied with a simple restart. Check your phone once more after the restart, and the error shouldn’t pop out anymore.

Check Your SIM on Another Phone

If the SIM in question is a newly bought one, try inserting and activating it on another person’s phone. However, if it doesn’t seem to have any issues when inserted on another device, this might also indicate that perhaps the problem is within your phone and not the SIM card.

Ensure You Inserted the SIM Correctly

This is definitely one of the basic troubleshooting steps you should do before concluding that all hope is lost. First, check if you inserted the SIM card correctly or the right side up. Naturally, if this was inserted incorrectly, it wouldn’t work right! So, depending on what phone you use, either use a pin to pop open the SIM tray or open the back area of your phone to gain access to your SIM card. Then, take a look at your SIM card and see if it was inserted correctly. If not, take it out and put it back in correctly.

If this still doesn’t eliminate the issue, try using the other SIM tray instead if your phone has dual SIM support. Also, make sure that you’re not inserting your SIM card in the SD card slot because if you happened to put it in the latter, no wonder it’s not working.

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Activate Your New SIM Card

If you’re trying to use a brand-new SIM, there’s a chance that you see this issue because you forgot to activate it. It’s important to activate a new SIM card first if you want it to work properly. This process typically takes a couple of days, especially for a new SIM card. If you don’t know how to activate your SIM, you can check the back of your SIM’s pack for the instructions.

Depending on where you bought the SIM, some vendors also activate it for you so you have nothing else to worry about when you get home. Activation steps vary per provider, so check the steps on your end to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Clean the SIM Card

Have you checked if the SIM card needs a little cleaning? Sometimes, we don’t notice that our SIM cards got wet or dirty somehow. Inspect your SIM card closely, wipe it a couple of times to ensure that it’s spick and span, and then pop it back into your SIM card tray. After all, if your SIM is dirty or has moisture build-up, this can prevent it from connecting properly with your phone’s circuits.

Message Your SIM Card Carrier

If none of these fixes work, then it’s high time that you contact your SIM card carrier for help. Explain the situation to them and send them picture evidence if they need you to. Practice patience during this time while your carrier investigates (and hopefully fixes) the problem.


In any case, we hope that one of these tips will fix your MM2 error. But if the problem persists no matter what, don’t hesitate to contact your SIM card carrier because they will definitely be able to provide you with a resolution.

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