February 6, 2021

What vintage elements you can use in your home interior

Found in a flea market, inherited from your grandmother, or acquired on an online catalog such as homey design, a piece of vintage furniture is a treasure that brings a grain of originality and charm to any decor. Its uniqueness and its history beg to be passed on. To give it the enhancement it deserves, the choice of its location and its integration into your interior are essential. These tips will help you find the best option in your interior, so let’s get on with it right away. ↓

  1. What color would you choose

It is the color that usually makes such a piece of furniture the centerpiece of a space. Turquoises, reds or other more calm shades make it a decorative element in its own right. Those old-like shades are surely nowhere to be found today – they are the result of old-formula paints and the stain of time, a chromatic gem perfect for a home of any interior style!

  1. Force the contrast

Romantic vintage and ultra-contemporary go together very well! A small white Victorian dressing table just next to a simple bed, the combination of trendy colors, such as twilight blue and flamingo pink, as well as the lighting, make it a real home exhibition.

Here also comes the question of the place you want to arrange vintage items – a very subjective mission! Do you want to proudly display them in the middle of the living room, kitchen or even the hallway, or rather keep them in a more intimate room like a bedroom or bathroom? It’s up to you to choose in accordance with the associations vintage evokes in your heart.

  1. Bet on white

The most classic black and white is a mix always neat and successful. In a large, immaculate space, an imposing piece of furniture, the harmony of straight lines throughout the room, and the perfect combo between different vintage pieces of furniture make the general look of such a home quite harmonious yet interesting.

  1. Recreate a specific universe

Let’s return to the idea of ​​color and a frame again, this time to imagine a “bubble” dedicated to vintage pieces of furniture. In a kitchen, for example, the fifties “capsule” can combine a red padded bench with a small bistro-style table and two folding chairs accessorized with cushions of the same color. Space apart inside the room itself, whose bright color zones the space and mixes well with the whole design.

  1. Place it in the center of action

Seeing your vintage furniture frequently in your interior is good for the soul and eye since it reminds you of sweet memories. So that you can admire it as often as you like, place it opposite the room’s front door so that it is the first thing you see when entering.

For example, in a child’s room, a room-centered old pickled wood cradle will harmonize perfectly with the few modern, practical, and playful pieces of decoration by which it is framed.

  1. Think about the prospect

Successfully placing a vintage piece of furniture can sometimes be more difficult in an open space than in a more classic and cramped interior. In this case, study the main structural lines and play with the geometries. Bay windows can echo a chest of drawers delimiting the kitchen and the dining area, counterbalanced by the roundness of a table, well centered, and itself framed by contemporary armchairs. Such a style would seem eclectic, yet harmonious and well thought out!

  1. Mix styles

Contemporary with classic and even rustic – are you worried about bad taste? Yet some choices have a surprising effect. A quirky sideboard can catch the eye in a very sober design, thanks to its color – white, black or brown, transmitting its entire history and adding a vintage vibe to a simple room.

  1. Work on the lighting

Light also plays an important role in the presentation of vintage pieces of furniture. Well-thought-out, sometimes just with two correctly oriented wall lights, it can ideally highlight an element whose exquisiteness needs to be revealed. In addition, this type of furniture, timeless, sober, and solid, is easy to harmonize with any type of interior.

  1. Don’t bypass unusual items

By playing on the unusual, you can draw the eye to wherever you want in a room. A matte black wall is a perfect example of a surprising setting. Either it will highlight the outdated character of the piece of furniture, or it will make it brighter.

  1. Twist them up and accessorize

A vintage item can also be something other than exhibition furniture of course: why not make it a functional piece that will be needed in everyday life? For example, use an old chest of drawers as a washbasin cabinet for your bathroom. By diverting and accessorizing it, it will be reborn and come to live a second life!

  1. Flowers

Let’s not overlook the simple things that often work wonders, like a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers, picked along a path. It can sublimate the piece of furniture on which it is placed and the general decor of the room, making it more modern and harmonious.

  1. Put it on stage

This vintage piece of furniture that you love so much, make it a “hot spot” in the room. Transform it into a cabinet of curiosities and gather inside your trinkets, put above it a frame or a mirror, other vintage objects, by varying the colors and the graphics. It will become both a showcase and a useful piece for your modern-vintage home design.

In general, taking the time to shop around, to choose a unique and different piece of furniture, and to decorate it in such a way as to integrate it as well as possible at home is an art in itself, a true philosophy of life transmitted from generation to generation, as before!

And what about you? Do you already have a vintage piece of furniture in your home? How did you integrate it into your decor?

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Peter Hatch

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