September 8, 2022

What You Need to Know About Broadband.

Because technology advances at such a rapid pace, it is easy to fall behind. That’s why has put together this easy-to-use Broadband Manual to keep you up to date on the latest developments and, more significantly, to help you get the best offers, no matter your circumstances.

Are you new to technology? Do you want to improve your current service to utilize the internet better? Gaming fan in search of a no-limits, lightning-fast contract? Whatever your requirements are, we have the solutions. Our helpful broadband comparison tool performs the legwork for you, comparing over 100 plans and providing you with all the data you need to make an informed decision.

First And Foremost, Connecting to The Internet.

Two primary ways to access the internet are via broadband or a far slower dial-up service.

Some providers discontinued their dial-up internet connection service in August 2013. However, other companies continue to provide it to customers who live in rural areas of the UK with no broadband connectivity.

There are several methods for gaining access to the internet via broadband. The most common connection method is via an ADSL line; however, you can connect via fiber-optic cable, mobile signal, or satellite.

Which Type of Consumer Are You?

Before you sign a broadband agreement or change to a new operator, examine whether your household has high, medium, or low internet usage. This will determine the type of service you require. High-users are addicted to the internet, spending hours streaming movies, uploading videos and photos to Facebook, or downloading or even sharing things with friends. If this describes you and your children, you’ll need fast, limitless broadband.

Medium users access the internet daily but aren’t interested in streaming TV or movies or downloading massive amounts of music. A package with such a moderate download restriction, such as about, should suffice for them. You’ll be warned if you’re on the verge of surpassing your limit and will be charged for any excess usage, so keep a close eye on your spending. If you routinely exceed your limit, you may want to consider moving to a high-user plan.

Low internet users utilize it for the essentials, such as reading emails, paying bills, and shopping. If you fall into this category, you can choose the most affordable, no-frills bundle.

Selecting The Best Broadband Connection


ADSL broadband service is commonly accessible throughout the United Kingdom. You’ll need a house landline and just a unique filter/splitter to hook into your phone cord to use it. The filter separates your phone line between two channels, one for telephone calls and another for broadband.

Broadband Via Fiber Optics

Fiber-optic cables provide high-speed and dependable broadband that seldom ‘drops out’ or loses speed. Fiber-optic broadband delivers data along clusters of small strands or threads composed of plastic or glass (each one thinner than just a human hair). However, because the tech is still pretty recent, it is highly pricey and not widely available in the UK.

If you do get coverage, ask yourself the following questions to allow you to decide if fiber-optic is good for you:

  • Do numerous people in your home use various gadgets to access the internet simultaneously?
  • Do you enjoy playing online games?
  • Do you watch TV and movies on the internet?
  • If you responded yes to two, some, or all of these questions, fiber-optic may be a good fit.

Mobile Broadband

If you’re a light user who doesn’t want a broadband contract or doesn’t have a landline, you might be able to get by with mobile broadband, which connects to the internet by using mobile phone signals.


Satellite broadband is only advised for persons who reside in highly rural places with limited network coverage. The internet is connected by satellite, so you won’t need a telephone, but the prices can be relatively high, and the service can be pretty poor.

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