August 23, 2021

What You Need to Know About IDM [Free Working Serial Keys]

While it’s true that we now have apps and programs like Spotify and Netflix where we can easily access and watch out favorite forms of media and content, it also can’t be denied that these options are limited to some degree. As such, there will always be days when you have to download your favorite songs manually, videos, movies, or the like directly onto your PC for convenience.

However, have you ever experienced a time when your download is halfway done, and then it suddenly stops because of an error? Most of us have already experienced this at some point, and it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re super excited for whatever you’re downloading to finish. In most cases, you have to download the file again from the very beginning, but did you know this doesn’t have the be the case?

Well, the Internet Download Manager or IDM was developed to help you out for this very reason.

What Is IDM?

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a software that helps you download and manage media files such as videos and movies that you get from the internet. In fact, it’s also referred to as a shareware download manager. With IDM, you can finally say goodbye to slow download speeds that get interrupted at the slightest error.

Typically, interrupted downloads occur due to system errors, and typically, there’s no way for us to resume the download on our own. This is where IDM comes into the picture—the download manager tries to resume the download process immediately after the system issue has been remedied. As such, you don’t have to download the file from the very beginning anymore.


IDM has a wide array of features; we’ve listed some of them below to show you just how handy it is to have.

You Can Easily Organize Your Downloads

Because you’ll be downloading all your files through IDM, this means you now have one place where you keep all your links and files. As such, it offers you a fantastic way to remain organized and keep track of all your downloads without having to flit over to different apps or software.

Plus, IDM is a heavy-duty tool, so you can even download several large files without worrying about the download process failing.

It Seamlessly Integrates With Your Browser

One of IDM’s perks is that it can seamlessly integrate with most major web browsers out there. All you have to do is copy the link you want to the file you want to download via your web browser. If IDM supports the file type, the software will immediately fetch the link.

The Download Process Is Flexible

IDM is capable of downloading files at a much faster speed than normal because it downloads these files in multiple streams and not the standard single stream. As such, IDM is able to continue where a download left off in case it got interrupted. You can even download several files at the same time if you want to, but these won’t be downloaded simultaneously. IDM will put up a queue for these files, and they’ll be downloaded one after another.

How to Use IDM

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use and understand IDM. In fact, it’s really quite easy to download videos and movies using it. In case you’re having a difficult time, though, follow these steps:

1. Launch IDM and tap on the Add URL button. This is where you can download files.

2. You’ll see various options to enter the download link, but you can also paste it directly.

3. Then, tap on the Start/Resume button. This will begin the download.

4. If you want to save the file for later, there’s a Save As button for that very purpose.

5. Once your download is ongoing, you’ll be able to see what the download speed is, the estimated time, the progress, and more. This will help you keep track of how your download is doing.

6. You also have other options such as a Cancel button, Stop button, and Pause button. Other than that, you can also schedule your downloads using the Scheduler feature.

Free Working Serial Keys for IDM Activation

Unfortunately, IDM isn’t a free software and you’ll need to pay for it once your free trial is over. On the bright side, though, we have some free working serial keys you can use to activate your software without paying for anything.


How to Use the Serial Keys

Now that you have easy access to a list of serial keys, you’re probably wondering how to use them. Typically, you receive your very own serial key when you buy IDM from the official site or a legit seller. But in this case, all you need to do is copy a serial key from the list above and then paste it into the software to activate it.


If you’re fond of downloading videos, documentaries, music, and more, then you’ll definitely find IDM useful. Not only will it help increase your download speeds, but it will also be able to resume the download in case it fails or gets interrupted due to system errors.

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