April 25, 2023

What You Should Know About IP Geolocation

Do you want to customize your website content for users from different locations? Are you looking to improve your website conversion rate? Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely need to know about IP geolocation.

IP-based geolocation means finding the location of electronic/internet-connected devices using their IP addresses. Tracking the geolocation of your customers has several benefits. For example, you can show them deals in their currency, translate pages into their language, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you should know about IP-based geolocation. We’ll also show you the best tool for finding the geolocation of your customers.

What Does IP Geolocation Mean?

IP geolocation refers to identifying the location of an internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, using its IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is basically a unique number or address assigned to every electronic device is connected to the internet or computer network. Simply put, IP addresses help identify electronic devices on the internet or a local network. It is essentially a series of numbers separated by a decimal, such as 192.164.1. IP addresses allow electronic devices to share data.

With IP-based geolocation, you can get data about a customer’s country, city, and state. If you’re using an advanced tool, such as an API, you can also know about your customers’ time zone, latitude and longitude, and even currency.

Why Do Businesses Need IP Geolocation Data?

When you know the IP location of your customers or website visitors, you can use it for different purposes:

Provide a Personalized User Experience

As competition in the business world is increasing, it’s essential for businesses to provide a personalized user experience. One way to do this is to show more relevant product offers to customers from different locations. For example, you can show winter clothes to users living in cold areas and summer clothes to users residing in hot regions. You can also use IP-based geolocation data to show product offers to users in their currencies for a better shopping experience.

Website personalization is crucial to the success of a business. It helps improve conversion rate and results in happy customers.

Show Website Content To Users In Their Language

Another way to customize your website is to translate key messages or web pages into different languages. You can then redirect users to those pages based on their location and language.

Display Business Hours In Different Time Zones

With IP-based geolocation data, you can know about the time zones of different users. You can then use this data to accurately display business opening and closing hours in their time zones. Similarly, you can display sale start and end times for different users based on their time zones.

Where Do IP Geolocation Tools Get Their Data From?

There are a number of IP geolocation tools available in the market. All of these tools fetch data from databases containing location data of different IP addresses. However, different tools use different databases, and the accuracy of an IP tracker depends on the database/databases it uses. For example, some IP trackers only use RIR (Regional Internet Registries) data, while some tools also use ISPs (Internet Service Providers) data to improve accuracy.

Most IP to geolocation tools are 95-99% accurate when it comes to country data. However, they provide only 55-80% accuracy for regional data and even less accuracy for city data. But, there are also some advanced IP trackers that can provide highly accurate country, city, and regional data.

How Can You Get IP Geolocation Data?

There are many different types of tools available in the market that you can use to get IP-based geolocation data. You can also download and host an IP-based geolocation database on your server. However, thousands of businesses worldwide now use IP geolocation APIs. This is because the best IP geolocation APIs update their data frequently and are easy to use.

What Is The Best IP Locator API?

If you’re looking for a powerful IP location API that provides highly accurate data, ipstack is the right choice. Here are the key features of ipstack:

Highly Accurate Data

Ipstack uses rock-solid data sources, such as large ISPs, to ensure you get accurate and consistent IP geolocation data. The API provides country, city, regional data, latitude, and longitude.


You can use ipstack IP tracker API as per your business’s needs and requirements. Whether you want 100 API requests a month or a million requests a day, ipstack can efficiently process millions of requests without compromising performance.

Real-Time Geolocation Data

Ipstack comes with a ‘standard lookup’ endpoint that allows you to look up any IPv4 or IPv6 address. You can call this endpoint by attaching any IP address of your choice to the API’s base URL.

If you would like to know how to get IP-based geolocation data using an API, check out this article.

Bulk Lookup

Ipstack also allows you to get data of multiple IP addresses simultaneously using the ‘bulk lookup’ endpoint. You can use this endpoint to request data of as many as 50 IPv4 or IPv6 addresses simultaneously.

Time Zone Module

Ipstack also comes with a time zone module that automatically gives you time zone information of your customers. This way, you don’t have to ask users to fill out any forms related to their time zone information. With this feature, ipstack provides the current time, GMT offset, and code of the location returned against your requested IP address. You can use this data to display events on your website in customers’ local time.

Currency Module

This module gives you the currency data of the location returned against your requested IP address. The data includes the name, symbol, and code of the currency. You can use this data to display the prices of products or services in users’ local currencies.

Easy to Use

Ipstack API is super easy to use. It comes with extensive documentation consisting of all the details about different API events, methods, and endpoints in detail. It also consists of a quick start guide, so that you can get started within minutes.

Security Module

This is another useful feature of ipstack for protecting your web app or website. The security module lets you identify the threats and risks originating from a particular IP address.

Ready to get highly accurate IP-based geolocation data? Sign up for ipstack and try its impressive features today!

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