August 23, 2017

Whatsapp Coloured Text Status Feature Update Now Rolling Out To Android And iPhone

WhatsApp has finally introduced colored text statuses to its Android and iPhone users. This feature was first introduced by Facebook late last year on its Android app first, allowing its users to write their status update with a colorful background, font, and emoji combination.

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Now, Whatsapp text status update is available on Android and iOS users. Moreover, users can also view this on the desktop app as well. Users have the option to select the font and background color of the status update. Pictures of the feature show the status will also display links.

Whatsapp Text Status Feature:

Earlier, WhatsApp has rolled out text on pictures but this text status is different. Here users can add the colours background and can add links to their status. However, you cannot add images and videos to the Whatsapp text status.

Whatsapp Coloured Text Status Feature Update Now Rolling Out To Android & iPhone

How To Add Whatsapp Status For iPhone & Android Users?

  • For iPhone users, the pen icon now shows up next to the camera icon in the new Status bar. For Android users, the floating pen icon shows up at the bottom of the Status tab, above the camera icon.
  • Clicking on the pen icon brings up the option to type a status, choose a font, emoji, and the background colour as well.
  • When you’re done writing the status and making the necessary changes, you can then hit the green arrow key to send the text status, just like how you send media content now.
  • The status will then be published on WhatsApp for all your contacts to see.
  • However, The status which you update will vanish after 24 hours.

Whatsapp Status Feature Privacy Settings:

WhatsApp Status feature has privacy settings which let users decide who can view their updates. For this simply pick from “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and “only share with…” So for those who have too many people on WhatsApp, which is most people, ‘only share with’ might be the most sensible and privacy friendly option to pick.

Users can also tap on the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update and it will reflect how many of your contacts have seen the update.

Just like Snapchat and Instagram Stories have a reply option for Stories, WhatsApp has the same for Status. This reply button will let people comment on any photo, video, or GIF update that was shared by the other contact.

However, this Text status feature is not available for all the users even after updating to the latest update. WABetaInfo reports that on iOS and Android, it has been remotely activated, and full-fledged rollout is awaited. While some users may see the feature, others will see it pop up soon.

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