February 2, 2018

Finally The Whatsapp Desktop App Now Available in Microsoft Store

Though there’s a web version available for the 100 billion users of Whatsapp to use the app’s functionalities on the desktop, the Facebook-owned company decided to bring the application to Microsoft Store.


Whatsapp released ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ app in Microsoft Store for Windows 10 desktop platform after testing the app with a limited number of users in the beta program. Previously, in 2016, the company had already offered the desktop version through a classic Win32 program which could be downloaded from the www.whatsapp.com. But, it isn’t an application that could be downloaded from the Microsoft store.

The world’s sixth largest information technology company by revenue, Microsoft made Bill Gates the richest persons on the earth, before Jeff Bezos took over. Also, they made each other famous, sounds GOOD! Windows being used in a large percentage of computers in the world, Facebook App is now released in the Microsft Store as well.

The functionalities of the WhatsApp Desktop include sending text messages, emojis, GIFs, sharing files, edit profile information and viewing status updates, but it doesn’t allow video call and few other features. The prerequisites of using the application are a mobile phone with Whatsapp installed on it and a Windows 10 64-bit version desktop.


The native Windows 10 app looks pretty much the same as the previous desktop version. The application isn’t written for Microsoft’s native Universal Windows Platform (UWP), rather it’s just bundled using the Desktop App Converter for Project Centennial.

Currently, WhatsApp Desktop isn’t available in all the countries and the users have to wait until it is rolled out to your country.

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