November 6, 2014

Whatsapp New Seen Update – Might Break your Relationship

WhatsApp does not have an option to tell you when your message has been read. It tells you when it has been delivered, but it just means that the person’s phone is on but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have opened your message. Well if you were looking for that functionality, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has finally arrived.

Small change started rolling into the app. As 9to5 Mac spotted, the app will now light up its double-check marks blue when a message has been read. If the read receipts don’t seem new to you, you’re probably not alone. Many users have misinterpreted the double-check marks next to messages to indicate that a message has been looked at, as so may other platforms offer the feature.

Now the app will now be able to show when a message has been read by the receiver by marking the tick marks in blue, which you can see in the image above. Prior to this, the tick marks represented that the message had been successfully sent with one tick, and two tick marks meant that it had been delivered.

whats app new seen updateWhatsApp also confirms that read receipt will only be there if the recipient also has the updated version of WhatsApp. In this case, you will be able to see message info, but you will not see the read receipt and read time. Addition of this feature will be very useful and will resolve many confusions. because if the user if online and you see the double-check marks, it does not mean that your message was read. New indicators will make the conditions clear.

Whats Apps New Seen Update - Might Break your Relation


Many people already have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, you should start noticing the blue check marks. If you don’t, we can only assume the update is staggered and you should get it in a short amount of time. As of now many also started using Whatsapp for PC.

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