October 28, 2017

When, Where and How To Pre-Order the Latest iPhone X of Apple

The pre-orders for the iPhone X have started on Friday, October 27 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific/3:01 a.m. Eastern. The shipping of iPhone X will begin from November 3. With the iOS 11, gorgeous all screen bezel-less design, OLED Screen, Facial Mapping technology iPhone X will surely mesmerize its users.


With the enchanting design and specs, placing an order for iPhone X will become difficult because of the sheer demand it has. You can pre-book the iPhone X on Apple’s Online Store or Apple Store App for iOS with Apple Pay which is the obvious choice to many customers. Apart from Apple, you can pre-order the iPhone X through four major cell carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint or retailers such as T-Mobile and Best Buy. There are upgrade plans for the people willing to buy iPhone X who already own an iPhone.

If you can’t decide where, when and how to place the order for iPhone X, then scroll down to see the detailed description of pre-ordering an iPhone X.

iPhone X Cost :

iPhone X is available in two prices based on the storage capacity.

  • 64GB: $999
  • 256GB: $1149

The price doesn’t include AppleCare+, which will cost an additional $199, higher than iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and all its predecessors. The iPhone X comes in two color – silver and space gray. There are few serives like loanshop in USA which offer online payday loans which can provide hassle-free loans. You can use them for buying these gadgets.

Pre-Order iPhone X on Apple Store:

Apple Store is the easiest and comfortable place to order an iPhone X. Apple takes down the store for few hours before the pre-order of any of its products starts. When the online site loads, select the desired color, storage, carrier and place the order. If you wish to buy the iPhone X a few days later the pre-booking starts, it is suggested to put the iPhone X in your favorite list ahead of time to make the faster checkout while the time of buying.


  • Go to the pre-order page of iPhone X in the apple store.
  • Select the iPhone X, carrier, color, capacity and then the payment method(upgrade plan or monthly payment or down-payment)
  • Select AppleCare+ if necessary.
  • Click the heart icon right next to the continue button.

When you come back to the Apple online store, you can directly click the shopping cart icon(upper right corner of the website) and then on favorites for checkout. Check the status of the account with your carrier to avoid unexpected problems. While placing the order, you must select one of the four carriers because the initial iPhones aren’t SIM-free unlocked phones.

Pre-order iPhone X using iPhone Upgrade Plan 

For the customers wish to switch to iPhone X from their current iPhone or for the people who can’t afford the exorbitant price of iPhone X, Apple provides an opportunity of iPhone Upgrade Policy. This policy allows the customers to upgrade to new iPhone by paying monthly installments to Apple through a loan. Customers have to pay $49.91 per month if they opt 64GB iPhone X or $56.16 per month for a 256GB phone which includes AppleCare+.

The users who are already a part of the iPhone Upgrade Program should get their loan pre-approved before the pre-orders start i.e, on Thursday, October 26 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific. Pre-approval is done through Apple Store app. Click on “Get a head start on your upgrade” at the top of the Discover page. You will then be directed to the pre-approval process of selecting preferred iPhone, confirming carrier, and providing Social Security number and date of birth for a credit check. After the approval is done, the order has to be placed within three days after the pre-order begins. If failed to do so, you’ll have to get pre-approved again.

Pre-order iPhone X through AT&T

The AT&T customers can pre-order their new iPhone X on AT&T’s website or the Apple website. Check the upgrade eligibility and select one of the plans if needed.




There’s a $0 down policy by AT&T which lets you get a new iPhone 8 where you have to make monthly payments, starting at $33.34 per month spread out over 30 months. There’s also a 24-month option where you have to pay $41.63 every month. Once you pay 80% of the amount, you will be allowed to upgrade to new iPhone.

Pre-order iPhone X through Verizon

The Verizon customers can pre-order their new iPhone X on its website or the Apple website. Verizon is providing a new scheme where a person can save up to $300 on an iPhone 8 by trading their older iPhone(from iPhone 5). Of course, the trade-in device must be in good working condition. There’s a 24-month payment option where you have to pay $41.66 every month in installments.



Pre-order iPhone X through Sprint

Sprint also offers the same program as Verizon where if a person trades-in an eligible device, they will get an iPhone X with reduced monthly installments amount of $22.22 in a 22 month period.  All the iPhone users with 6, 7 or 8 series can save up to $350.


Pre-order iPhone X through T-Mobile

All the T-Mobile customers have to buy an iPhone X directly from their carrier because it’s the only way to get access to an installment plan for payment. The persons who already own an iPhone(from 6 series) will get a $300 off on the price of iPhone X if they wish to trade-in the device. To subscribe to this deal, the customers have to make a down payment and then make 24 months monthly payments. The existing customers have to pay remaining balance before upgrading to iPhone X.


Did you find these tips useful? Have you pre-ordered your iPhone X? Share your views in the comments below!


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