May 11, 2020

Why Did Bingo and Slots Move From Offline To Online Sites?

Do you want to play Bingo but find physical sites too expensive? Want to play slots without having to drive to a casino? If you are looking for any such options, log on to, and play a variety of Bingo and Slots games to your heart’s content.

Winkbingo is an absolutely safe place for newbies and experienced players likewise to invest their time and money. They offer a range of Bingo and Slot game options with detailed tutorials to help players get along with the game confidently. To play games on the Winkbingo website, all the players need to do is simply create an account. They can either create a free account or deposit a monetary amount. However, it is always advised to the newbies to play cash-free games at first to get a hang of them and then play for money.

After stating the basic facts about Winkbingo website and how it works, let’s move on to the topic; why did Bingo and Slots move from Offline to Online sites? While there are numerous reasons for this big move, some of them have been explored below.

Reasons for the Moving Bingo and Slots from Offline to Online:

The top 5 reasons, apart from their popularity among players, why both these much-loved games were introduced in the online world of gambling and casino are listed below.

Ease of Access

The first reason is that for many players, driving to physical locations seemed cumbersome and expensive. Additionally, some players do not have the liberty to gain access to such clubs and casinos probably because they are based on far-off locations. Therefore, moving Bingo and Slots games from offline sites into online ones did prove to be a good decision, since it made accessing gaming clubs easier.

The Expenses Involved

Secondly, when players choose to play games at a physical casino, they have to bear some costs. The cost of reaching the casino, plus the entrance or membership fee, the expense in case players order drinks and any other cost associated with entering and playing at the physical casino. Since physical sites also need to cover their overheads for the servants and staff they have hired to serve the players and customers, their price tags to enter the Bingo and slots games offline are a bit higher than the online ones.

The online sites, on the contrary, bear no expense at all. Players can play free of cost, in the beginning, to gain experience and have minimum deposit ranges starting from $5, which is quite affordable for players of almost all kinds of economic backgrounds worldwide.

Variety of Games

Another reason why Bingo and Slots found their place online easily with online casinos is because the variety of Bingo and Slots games that can be offered online consists of more options than the ones offered in physical sites. Physical sites usually offer one or two types of Bingo varieties and a limited number of slots games too. The online casinos, on the other hand, offer numerous varieties, themes, and formats of these games for the players to try.

Speed of the Game

The fourth reason is that when players access this game online from their unique locations, they get to play it without any interruptions from people nearby. In the case of a physical casino, there are people who socialize with each other; hence the games are slow-paced. Whereas online games target a player’s efficiency and are aimed at sharpening their skills. Therefore, these games are quite fast-paced and played somewhat frantically.

Other reasons

Some of the other reasons include the tax laws governing physicals sites, ban on smoking cigarettes in public areas, and the reduced number of slots and other gaming machines in physical casinos as per laws. All these steps taken by various governments have reduced the number of players visiting physical sites; consequently, they visit online sites instead.

Benefits of Moving Bingo and Slots to Online Sites

The reasons why Bingo and slots games found so much appreciation in the online casinos have been briefly described above. These are also the exact reasons why online Bingo and Slots games are preferred over offline ones.

Online casinos make it possible for players from anywhere in the world to come together on a platform and play games of their choice. These live sites also put in efforts in not only educating the players about games but also train them and have software that helps players define their bank limit so that they don’t go broke. This is something that the physical casinos never do. Physical casinos never train or help people fight their additive instincts, whereas online casinos make sure no harm comes to their players due to overspending.

A better of variety of games, larger prizes as compared to the ones offered by offline casinos, ensured privacy, no hidden or extra costs of the services provided, live training and signup deposits/bonuses being offered are all additional points which make plying Bingo and Slots games online more attractive than the offline ones. In addition to these, the online sites automatically match and tally the numbers for their Bingo players eliminating their chances of negligence and missing out on a number announced as in the traditional casinos.


Bingo and Slots are two of the easiest casino games players can choose to play. Both of them do not require any special skills except for being attentive, whether played online or offline. However, more players are opting for online options because they not only facilitate the players at every step but also charge less in comparison to the physical ones. Moreover, live sites give out better rewards than physical ones. All of this makes playing casino games online a more attractive option. A word of caution though, while playing online always make sure that the casino a player has selected is not blacklisted as a scam.

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