August 16, 2022

Why Do So Many Players Opt to Play Casino Games on Their Mobile?

Smartphones have become an essential tool in day-to-day life. More people than ever before now have a mobile device and use their mobile for a variety of reasons.

In the developed world, 91 percent of the adult population own a mobile phone, with 80 percent of these people being smartphone users. Overall mobile usage is highest in countries like Finland and Norway at 96 percent and lowest in Japan at 72 percent.

Adults use their phones for all kinds of tasks, from researching on the web and doing their online shopping to using the calculator, connecting with friends on social media, and taking photographs or videos.

Many people also use their mobile for playing games, and the variety of games available on mobile has increased drastically over the years as technology has developed. Playing games is a great way to pass the time, stay entertained, and keep your critical thinking skills sharp. 

There are games on mobile to suit all types of interests, skills, and experience levels. There are puzzles and strategy games, First Person Shooter games, racing titles, and battle royale games.

One gaming niche that is particularly popular on mobile phones is online casino games. Online casinos first became available in the 1990s on computers but expanded to mobile once smartphones began to be released. 

These games include everything from poker, blackjack, and slots to roulette, baccarat, and keno. Each game has a number of variants and some games providers offer enhanced game experiences, such as live casino gaming or virtual reality casino games.

Online casinos are often designed to be played on computers but with more players choosing to play casino games via mobile phone, many gambling providers like Casino 777 have now created mobile-compatible browser games and smartphone apps. 

But why are players now choosing to play casino games from their mobile? There are actually quite a few reasons that players are choosing this style of play, here are just a few of them:


One of the biggest benefits of playing casino games on a mobile phone, when compared to visiting a land-based venue or even playing on a desktop computer, is convenience. When playing on a mobile phone, you can open the game and play anywhere and anytime that suits you, providing there is an internet connection.

Players can access games while on their morning commute on public transport, while waiting in line at a coffee shop, or even while sitting at home relaxing on the sofa. People are interestingly busy with day-to-day life and so being able to play whenever you can grab a few free moments is a huge bonus.

Easy access

Also linked to this is easy access. On mobile, you can pull up the casino site and log into your account in a matter of seconds. 

It is hugely inconvenient and irritating when trying to load a website on your smartphone that has only been designed for larger screens; the display is impossible to view, and load times take (what feels like) forever. However, casinos on mobile are designed to be easily accessible and have been optimized for use on small screens. 


Another reason that players choose to play on mobile is pop-up notifications. Notifications will notify online casino users about updates when new games become available for them to try out or if there are new casino promotions and offer that they can benefit from.

The online and mobile casino industry is hugely competitive for providers, and so they offer great promotions in order to attract new players and maintain their current user base. Having notifications ensures that players will not miss out and can play as soon as they are notified. 

Casino app users do not need to worry about being spammed with notifications, as these apps will give you a choice on whether to opt in or opt-out of receiving them. You can also often choose which types of notifications you receive, so, for example, you might want to receive notice of app updates but not about promotional offers.

Apps to save data and progress

Lastly, another reason for players on casino apps is that the app will save your data and progress if you have signed up for an account. It will remember what you have bet, which games you have played, and any promotions and bonuses that you have made use of.

This is convenient for the player and allows the mobile casino to offer a more personalized experience to the gamer. 

In recent years, mobiles and smartphones have helped the online casino industry to boom. The global online casino market is growing at a fast rate, and as the quality, variety, and ease of access for mobile casino games developer, we can expect this trend to continue in the years ahead.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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