April 19, 2020

Why Do You Need To Opt For Facebook Video Ads?

Businesses these days are giving the maximum importance to market and promote their brands on Facebook. This is obvious, as today, Facebook is the most popular social media site, having millions of active users from all around the globe.

Today, on average, around 70% of the world population is active on social media platforms, and it is hard to find users who don’t have a Facebook account. Further research suggests that advertisers are relying more on Video Ads for their promotional and branding campaigns on Facebook.

What drives them to prioritize such resources over other available alternatives? Is it worth trying to make ads using InVideo? Let’s explore the answer to the question. 

1. Video Ads will always attract more attraction of your target customers

As for the first reason, as to why advertisers are emphasizing on video ads on Facebook is that video content calls more attention and engagement with the viewers. The Audio-visual feature has better capacities to trigger the interest of the target customers and retain it for a longer time.

This is the key reason for which advertisers are majorly relying on Video Ads while promoting their brands on Facebook as well as on other social media sites. This is the reason for which advertisers are putting significant effort into the collection of promo video templates.

Research exhibits the fact that Video content triggers 43% more engagement with the target customers, driving them to react to the call to action statement. This way, you can shorten the decision making time to purchase your products and services.

Eventually, it enhances the rate of conversion to actual sales and reduces the average time lag in decision making. As such, it is evident that businesses will rely more on Video Ads over any other forms of advertisement and promotional resources.

2. Making Facebook Video Ads is much easier than making a similar ad on YouTube

Another reason for which businesses are banking more on Facebook Video Ads is that it is much easier to develop such resources compared to the hardships faced while developing similar content for other platforms.

For instance, parties who have tried to promote their business using Video Ads on Facebook and YouTube reviews that in the second case, they have experienced lots of hassles and hardships that are significantly missing in the first case.

As such, you can handle the task on your own, and you need not hire the professionals at all instances to accomplish this purpose. This implies, even if you are a small business or a startup, or you have a restricted budget. Still, you can think about promoting your brand on Facebook with the Video Ads.  Making ads using InVideo is a simple and completely hassle-free task

3. Making Facebook Video Ads take the minimum time

Developing a video Ad on Facebook is not only easier but takes the minimum time. The best part is, not only it takes the minimum time to set up the video, but you can expect the real-results to come up faster.

Once the Video Ad goes live on Facebook, it starts producing results from the first instance itself. On the other hand, when you opt for Video Ads on YouTube, you will need to wait for at least 24 hours to start getting actual results. Thus, within the minimum time, you can find out if the video is triggering the interest of the viewers, or it is not performing to the optimum extent.

Thus, if you find the campaign not performing that well, you can immediately change the content with better alternatives. This way, you can ensure that your audience is staying engaged with your ads, and it drives them to buy your products and services.

4. Making Facebook Video Ad will never burn out your pocket 

In the recent past, Facebook used to register a video view after 3 seconds. Advertisers had to pay for the view at this point. However, today, advertisers will be charged only if the video is played at least for 10 seconds. This implies you will be paying for those ads that are played till the end.

Once viewers start viewing the ads until the end, there are higher chances for higher conversion. This way, advertisers will pay for the views that have something worthy to offer, making the Video Ads on Facebook all the more affordable for the advertisers.

It is for this reason that even the smaller units or the startups can think about promoting and advertising their brands as well as products and services on Facebook. This implies them to reach out before the global customers, within the minimum time and incurring the minimum expenses.

This is one solid reason that you can account beyond the rising popularity of the Video Ads on Facebook. Should you try this once, for sure, you are going to make the finest experience as made by millions of other advertisers.

5. Facebook Video Ads can be made highly targeted

No matter what splendid is the Video Ad, it will produce the minimum results, in not nothing, if you cannot make the ads well targeted. Another wonderful part about Facebook Video Ads is that advertisers can make the videos perfectly targeted.

This implies you can reach out before the most potential groups of customers within the minimum time, and you can expect the ad to produce the most impacting results. As you can make the ads highly targeted, you will never need to incur any expenses for views by irrelevant users, who are not interested in your products and services.

Last but not the least, Facebook Video ads are very easy to monitor and manage. Reviews suggest these ads come with robust reporting features. This enables the advertisers to closely monitor the ads, and in case an ad is not performing to the optimum extent, advertisers can instantly replace the content.

Considering the points stated above, the rising popularity of Video Ads is justified. It is expected that, in the forthcoming times, as Facebook will embrace Video Resources to a greater extent, advertisers will also rely on such resources for promoting and advertising their brands.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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