June 1, 2023

Why is Gonzo’s Quest Such a Popular Slot at Casino Wazamba?

Gonzo’s Quest is considered one of the most popular online slots of all time. The game was launched in 2010 and has become a part of every top-notch casino, including casino Wazamba ever since.

So how come Gonzo’s Quest is so popular? Tons of games are released every year, but despite this, this classic game continues to attract millions of players.

We decided to find out the secret behind this game, and we’ll be telling you about it in this article.

An Adventurous Game With an Exciting Theme

For those who haven’t played Gonzo’s Quest before, we will start with a brief introduction.

In this game, we meet a little adventurer who goes by the name Gonzo. He ventures out into the wide world to search for the mythical city of Eldorado.

Great riches are said to await there, but of course, our adventurer will encounter some hardships along the way.

The game offers a lot of surprises, and you can test it yourself at casino Wazamba.

Falling Symbols – A New Game Feature

In Gonzo’s Quest, the falling symbols feature was presented for the first time. Today it’s hardly a unique feature, but back then, it was considered something out of this world.

Instead of the usual reels, the symbols fall down over the playing field. And this mechanic has certainly been a part of the game’s success story.

The Swedish game developer NetEnt Is behind this masterpiece. They’ve produced many top-notch gaming machines over the years, and their reputation is flawless.

The Unique Story Behind the Game

The falling symbols feature isn’t the only innovative thing that the Gonzo’s Quest slot is known for. The theme of the game was also matchless at the time.

As a player, you get to go on an exciting adventure, as the game is based on a spellbinding story.

Gonzo’s Quest also has a lovely intro. It was also considered exclusive back then, so NetEnt managed to bring a lot of new things to the gambling industry in just one slot.

Many games released after Gonzo’s Quest have a similar layout, so you can certainly say that many game developers have been inspired by the Swedish game producer.

Today, it is common for casino Wazamba slots to have some kind of theme and an associated story, and the games are becoming more and more advanced with each passing year.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Visually, Gonzo’s Quest stands out from the crows. The game is extremely well-made. The symbols are elaborate, and the animations contribute to a phenomenal atmosphere.

In addition, the game has some really cool sound effects, something that you won’t always find even in today’s slots.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Who doesn’t like free spins? And there’s plenty of that stuff in Gonzo’s Quest. If you manage to trigger the bonus round, you’ll be rewarded with 10 or 20 free spins.

The symbols will start to fall down across the playing field, and in addition, there is a multiplier that can increase the winnings x1, x2, x3, x5.

Thanks to this feature, you can make some big wins in Gonzo’s Quest. If, for example, you get 5 of the high-paying symbols in combination with a multiplier of x15, you will win a sum that can give you a thousand times your bet. In addition, the game offers the possibility to reactivate free spins!

Gonzo’s Quest RTP

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best-paying slots at casino Wazamba. It boasts an impressive RTP of 96%. In other words, this means that the game theoretically returns back 96% of the bets made in the long term.

Can You Play Gonzo’s Quest on Mobile?

Today, you can play every slot on your mobile phone. It wasn’t actually like that a decade ago, which can be easy to forget.

In fact, Gonzo’s Quest was one of the first games to be made available for both mobiles and tablets. It’s also a part of the reason why this slot machine has become immensely popular right from the start.

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