November 2, 2019

Why Is It Important to Check On Your Neighbors?

Have you ever stopped to think about how well you know your neighbors? These are the very people that share the same acreage of land, the same sidewalks, the same school buses, and the same taxes with you. Just a few meters away, your neighbors can be there to help save your life – or, they can potentially pose a threat to you and your family. Finding out the answers you need to know starts with one question: who are my neighbors?

Using Nuwber, you can find the answers to these questions quickly, putting to rest any concerns that might be lingering in the back of your mind. It’s important to consider more than just yourself in your living radius.

At the end of the day: living in isolation is not the wisest – or safest move – no matter how you might feel about people. Here’s why you should care:

Peace of Mind:

Neighborhoods involve relatively close, collective living today. It’s certainly more peaceful to live among neighbors that like and respect each other, as opposed to neighbors that are at each other’s throats. If everyone is living in harmony, neighbors will be less likely to invade spaces, throw parties until the wee hours of the morning, or cause any other kind of ruckus.

Additionally, having your neighbors like you can be incredibly beneficial if there ever comes a time when you are in danger and need their help.

Neighborhood Watch Help:

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, together, you can manage your properties and be on the lookout for criminals, invaders, weather changes, etc. It’s nice to be able to discuss these kinds of things with someone that lives right where you do. Plus, they can keep an eye on your house, or pets, if you are out of town.

Since most burglaries occur between 6 AM and 6 PM while homeowners are at work, your neighbors could be a critical asset in any kind of legal court filing.

Borrowed Resources:

Let’s say you need an extension cord, hammer, or measuring cup at the last second. You don’t have time to run to the store before a party or dinner you are hosting. If you have a cordial relationship with your neighbor, you can walk over to their house and ask to borrow these essential items.

Social Networking:

You might be surprised who is living right under your nose in your neighborhood. Neighbors can be excellent networking sources, helping to introduce you to new friends, circles, jobs, and possibly even dating opportunities. Becoming friends with your neighbor means wine nights, joint family football games, and a variety of other social activities that make all of us happier at the end of the day.

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You’ll Feel Better:

If there are any elderly, disabled, or special needs people living in your neighborhood, they need help from time-to-time. These are individuals that probably have an aid with them throughout the day, but what about when it snows and sleets? It’s up to you to go over and check on them, offering to help them and ensuring they are safe and healthy.

This kind of selfless volunteering will make you feel better at the end of the day. It’s true; studies have shown when we do things for others and volunteer our time, we feel happier and healthier.

Being Pragmatic

The world today is a much different world than just 10 or 20-years ago. Depression, suicide, and anxiety statistics are up, cybercrime is becoming a massive problem for businesses and individuals, and other harrowing numbers have us cautious about who we trust – and for good reason.

It’s not “paranoid” to want to know more about who lives on your street. It’s simply a good measure to ensure you and your family can continue to live a safe and peaceful existence. In most cases, your neighbors will be perfectly nice, respectable, and helpful humans, which will increase your social circle and safety options in the event of a dire circumstance.

Either way, information is a highly valuable commodity that you can aggregate with a simple search: names of residents on my streets. Use the internet to your advantage; everything you could ever want to know is right in the palm of your hand.

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Imran Uddin

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