February 15, 2021

Why Should You Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card?

Now that the law has changed in Michigan regarding the use of recreational cannabis, you may be feeling like there’s not much point in having your Michigan medical marijuana card anymore. You would not be alone; citizens over 21 years old can now legally use cannabis in the State for recreational purposes, not just medical requirements. Many current cardholders are questioning its ongoing purpose and validity. If you are one of the many patients considering their options or a caregiver for someone who currently owns a Michigan medical marijuana card, this article may benefit when deciding. We have pinpointed a few key areas that you may or may not have considered yet and ones that may assist you when you choose to renew the card or leave it to expire;

Traveling Essentials

If you travel outside of Michigan, you will fall under a different state’s rules and regulations and risk not complying with their specific laws should you carry on as you usually would at home. This brings us to our first and arguably the most practical justifications on our list. A lot of states will not provide your medicine without a medical marijuana card. So the consequences for not renewing could be that you would have to go without your medical marijuana if you are running low in supplies while on holiday in another State or traveling through that State for work purposes. Having a Michigan medical marijuana card keeps your out-of-state options open and relieves you from potentially painful restrictions imposed during your travels. Certain states will require photo-ID verification for you to bring your medical marijuana into their territory, but others will make you get rid of it if you cannot produce a valid medical card to accompany your reasoning for possession of cannabis.

Access to Dispensaries

The BMMR issues licenses for recreational dispensaries in Michigan and cultivation facilities across the State. However, some in transition, others unaware of this, and those that will remain medical supply only throughout Michigan. Therefore recreational cannabis consumers may not have dispensary access wherever they go and could be forced to show a medical marijuana card if they are to be served. This is a great reason to hold onto your license card to give yourself the freedom to attend any dispensary no after its categorization. Those without a Michigan marijuana medical card may be turned away and denied service in exclusive medical supply stores, which could well be their most convenient and closest dispensary for miles.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the above points made about maintaining your place on the medical marijuana card program in Michigan are worthwhile. If you were thinking of not renewing, then maybe you have had a change of heart after reading this article. There are, of course, further advantages and benefits of holding onto your Michigan medical marijuana card, like the financial implications and caregivers discount, but hopefully, we have highlighted the main points for you to mull over before making a final decision.

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Peter Hatch

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