May 22, 2020

Why you should also use e-wallets when making online purchases.

Sometimes referred to as an electronic payment or digital payment, an e-wallet is an electronic payment set up to make online payments. It safely and securely stores your personal information and is usually tied to your bank account. Digital payments provide major advantages such as convenience, speed, and security. If you are not already using e-wallets for making online purchases, read on to discover why you should.


Security when making online purchases is a primary concern when making online purchases. In terms of security, digital payments are of major advantage. From playing in skrill casinos to shopping online, most people use their smartphones. With this in mind, e-wallets have been optimized to interface with smartphones. For example Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay are apps created for use with smartphones Before completing an online purchase, biometric authentication such as your fingerprint or iris is required. Equally, if your e-wallet is compromised, you can use your smartphone to freeze your account immediately. Many online businesses such as skrill casinos even offer two-step authentication, for extra protection.


Many people now use the internet as their first choice for shopping, with the majority opting to do this from their mobile devices. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that mobile commerce is on the rise. In a bid to keep up with this trend, millions of retailers worldwide support the use of digital payments. What’s more, many retailers are conducting a majority of their business online. E-wallets, therefore offer you a gateway into the global market. This can save you money on your purchases, simply by making your purchase via digital payments. For example, you can save money through reduced banking fees on large purchases. Or in some cases, spend as little as you like without being forced to spend a minimum amount when using a credit or debit card. E-wallet gives you the freedom to set a budget and spend as much as you wish.

Extra savings through rewards

Who doesn’t love receiving something for free? One huge benefit of using e-wallets is the rewards and bonuses you can earn. From free delivery to hotel upgrades, there are many incentives for using e-wallets when making your online purchase. Similarly to banks offering special bonuses for opening an account, signing up for digital payment apps can also earn you rewards.. For example, many skrill casinos offer welcome bonuses, for signing up and depositing using e-wallet. Taking into account the fact you were already going to make the purchase, this is extremely good. Merchants may also send you vouchers and other tailored bonuses for repeat business and also to retain your loyalty.  If you’re unsure which app will work best for you, this article will be extremely useful.


Whether you are booking a holiday or placing a deposit in a skrill casino, e-wallets offer convenience. When using a credit or debit card to make an online purchase, you will be asked to provide a fair bit of detail. At the bare minimum you will be asked for your name, address and billing address (usually the address where the card is registered) At times, the bank may even decline the payment despite having available funds. Then there is the added authorization checks which banks are permitted to undertake. It’s true all of this is to keep you safe online but it is time-consuming and a bit of a hassle.  Using an e-wallet when making online purchases is extremely convenient. It takes seconds for you to complete your transaction. Leaving you to continue having fun or go about the rest of your day.

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