May 7, 2020

Will 5G make your mobile gaming experience awesome?

It’s impossible to envision online gambling without thinking of mobile devices as conduits. Today, a significant percentage of those who play their favorite games over the Internet choose to do so on smartphones and tablets. IOS, Android, and Windows devices are routinely used to go online, play casino games, poker bet on sports. The advancements of technology have made online gambling better and we are on the cusp of yet another milestone: the arrival of 5G.

Taking speed to the next level

Mobile devices are powerful enough to run even the most complex and visually appealing games smoothly. In terms of processing power, they are almost on par with desktop and laptop computers, so they leave nothing to be desired by punters. The only limitations are currently posed by the speed of the Internet connection, which is needed to compete online on real money. It is perfectly safe to try all the games for free even without being connected to the Internet, to get familiar with the game mechanics.

When chasing progressive jackpot slots, but especially when playing live dealer table games, the speed of your connection is important. 5G technology will take things to the next level, by dramatically increasing speed compared to what 4G currently offers. Many Lennus games require fast internet and so does it’s players!… It helps a lot that this is essentially a major upgrade, rather than a brand-new technology, which is subject to uncertainty. Live dealer casinos broadcast the action in real-time and if the speeds go up, the delays will be minimal and waiting times nonexistent.

It will take a while until 5G becomes widespread and for a time, people will rely mostly on 4G. The good news is that as more people switch to the new technology, the pressure on the existing network will diminish. As a result, even those who continue to rely on devices that only support 4G will benefit from the advantages of a network that is under less pressure.

Faster downloads than Wi-Fi

Internet providers are doing a pretty good job today by providing players with fast downloads on their tablets and smartphones. As 5G rolls out on a global scale, the speed at which we download casino apps, social games and pretty much everything will improve. In a matter of seconds, even the largest files will be downloaded and it will likely take significantly longer to actually install the applications. This will provide people with the incentive to try different things more often, as downloads take less time.

Mobile gamers will no longer have to wait to get home or within reach of Wi-Fi, because 5G technology will actually be faster. As long as the mobile plan is comprehensive and the price is reasonable, many will prefer to download stuff directly using 5G. The progress of technology is inevitable and mobile users are once again lucky to be the main beneficiaries of a major upgrade. 2020 will be the year that 5G becomes mainstream and it will greatly improve our lives.

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Imran Uddin

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