April 16, 2022

Windows 10 Does Not Find an Update? Here Are Some Solutions.

Windows update is essential for most, if not all, computer users. Updating aids in perfecting a dated operating system, thus guarding the computer against bugs and ensuring data safety.

Windows failing to update has been a common challenge to several PC users. Windows 10 may not find updates because it does not download updates, fails to install updates, updates are stuck, fails to update or restart, or won’t update due to BIOS.

If you are using Windows 10 and it does not find an update, there are solutions to that problem. The solutions are as follows.

Remove Third-Party Security Software

Third-party security systems include antivirus, which protects your PC from viruses, malware, and additional security breaches. Third-party security software ensures the safety of sensitive and confidential information. As much as security software provides protection, it may contribute to the unusual running of some computer applications, such as a windows update.

Hence, if you find that your Windows 10 has not been updated and you have not eliminated your PC’s third-party security software, that could most likely be the reason for a failed update. Ensure that you remove by uninstalling any third-party software before performing another windows update.

Afterward, restart your PC, and the problem of Windows 10 failing to update is resolved. You can always find free third-party software online that you can download for your computer. You can get a VPN Chrome extension and enjoy downloading third-party software uninterrupted. The VPN chrome extension conceals your locale plus IP address and improves browsing privacy.

Check Windows Update Utility Manually

The windows update utility performs as a Microsoft service for the Operating system of windows. The windows update utility automatically downloads and installs software updates on the internet. It should, therefore, provide windows with software updates, together with varied Microsoft antivirus essentials such as windows defender.

If your Windows 10 does not find updates, you can manually check on the windows update utility to confirm their state. Suppose you encounter problems with the update utility. In that case, you need to fix the problems by clicking on the fix issues option, where the update utility will aid in completing the update automatically.

To fix the update utility service problems, go to setting, then click on update and security. If windows find issues, then click on fix issues.

Maintain All Windows Update Services Running

All services on windows updates should constantly be running. If that is not the case, you will experience a Windows 10 failed update. To ensure all windows update services are running, you can perform the following on your PC.

Click on the start button, click Run, and input services.MSC, and click OK. A window with a list of items will pop up. Proceed to windows update, where you right-click and go straight to the properties option and proceed as required. Once you are done, you can restart your PC to determine if the error of failed windows updates still exists.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows update troubleshooter is a diagnostic tool that operates automatically. The provider of this diagnostic tool is Microsoft, and the tool helps fix Windows 10 failed updates.

Using a troubleshooter is not difficult. You have to know how to navigate from one point to another within a computer. To start, click on start and select the control panel, and follow the steps as explained.

Restart Windows Update Service by CMD

Restarting a computer is often the first step in sorting out a computer with problems such as slowly running of operations. You can restart your windows update services if Windows 10 fails to find an update.

Increase Free Space of System Drive

Your system drive should have enough space to accommodate windows updates. The lack of enough space results in failed windows updates and installation. A small capacity of the system is a solvable problem. All you have to do is increase the disc space.

A large system drive facilities smooth upgrade and installation of windows 10. There are multiple ways to increase the space of a system drive. One of the ways is through disc-clean up. The other is that of extending partition. Disc clean-up involves the removal of unnecessary files on a PC’s hard drive.

Repair Corrupted System Files

Corrupted system files can make it impossible for windows 10 to update. Run the PC’S system file manager to identify and fix corrupted files. Repairing corrupted files within the system is not complex and can be done by users who are not experienced with computers.

Bottom Line

Windows upgrade is vital to ensure the safety and security of critical and sensitive information. Windows 10 failure to find an update is a common issue that computer users experience. Thankfully, there are solutions for ensuring safe and efficient Windows 10 updates. The solutions include the seven activities discussed above in the article.

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