February 1, 2018

Windows to Block Alarming Messages in PCs from March 1

Microsoft has decided to put an end to alarming messages that pressurize users to purchase a premium version of the software to fix the bugs found in the users pcs.


You would clearly understand this if you ever bought a premium version of the already installed free version of that software because of some warning message displayed. Usually, these free version of the programs purportedly scan the users’ computers for errors and then pushes alarming messages asking them to purchase the premium version of the software also known to be free cleaners and optimizers, to fix the problems.

To end these unnecessary purchase decisions by the users, Microsoft is updating the evaluation criteria to identify the malware &  unwanted software.

The updated guidelines include: “Programs must not display alarming or coercive messages or misleading content to pressure you into paying for additional services or performing superfluous actions.”

Microsoft also puts restrictions on the characteristics that a coercive message should display. It includes that an error message should be displayed in an elaborated format and it should ask users to pay only for “fixing the errors or issues monetarily or by performing other actions such as taking a survey, downloading a file, signing up for a newsletter, etc.” And the user should respond within a limited period to get the “purported issue solved”.

Starting from March 1st, the company’s security products and Windows Defender will classify the programs that display alarming messages as “unwanted software,” and detect/delete them.



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