December 23, 2018

9 WordPress Common Errors (Issues) with Solutions

WordPress is one of the best open source Content Management (CMS) used by millions of people and developers to meet their needs. WordPress is becoming day by day easy and awesome with stunning user interface and features. Setting up and Running a WordPress site is made so simple and fast by many developers all over the world.

Even though Setting up and running a WordPress is made very simple but people are unable to run a WordPress successfully for long time. The reason is that people are afraid of troubleshooting WordPress Since solving the issues on WordPress needs some expertise and technical knowledge..

It is always highly recommended for you to take backup of your website before you try to resolve the issues on your site. And it is also a good idea to test on the local host website or on a staging website before making any changes on your site.

1)Retrieve the Lost Admin password.

If you have lost your Admin password, and don’t have access to the email address that linked your WordPress account and you are unable to access your WordPress admin dashboard then don’t worry we can really fix the issue by signing into your hosting account.There are two ways to recover your admin password

Ways to recover admin password

1)From PhpMyAdmin:-

You can simply reset your WordPress account password from your PhpMyAdmin dashboard. Login into your PhpMyAdmin dashboard.



2) Now click on the database of your site.If you are running multiple sites then there will be multiple databases, select the one belong to your site.If you are confused in selecting the right database then click on the database and open the wp-options table there you can find the row with site name to which the database belongs to.This is how you can find the database of your site.



3) Now click on the wp-users table as shown in below image.



4) Now select your account and click on edit as shown in below image.

wpuser edit


5) Now in the user_pass box replace the complete MD5 Hash code with your new password and select the MD5 function from dropdown as shown in below image.

wpuser password


6)Now click on GO button, To reset your password.

That’s it you have changed your password. Now Login into your WordPress with your new password.

You can also change the password of other WordPress accounts on your site.As your admin you need not come here to PhpMyAdmin, you can directly change the password from WordPress dashboard by opening the user’s profile and entering the new password.

If you want to know another method then continue reading the second method.

2) Editing funtions.php file

  • Open your Control panel.
  • Open the file manager

file manager

  • Go to your Current theme folder it will be here /wp-content/themes/current-theme/ and search for functions.php file.
  • Now download the file as a backup copy.
  • After completion of downloading click on edit

functions edit

And enter the following function in the file as shown in below image.

wp_set_password('MyNewPassword',1);//function to rest password with user id 1

user password

In the above line replace YourNewPassword with your desired password and 1 with your WordPress account user ID. Here 1 is default value so you need not change if the account you are using is created during installation of your WordPress. Since some security plugins change the admin user account id for security purpose. This method may not work,If you are able to login into your account then that’s fine after logging into your account just remove the line from the functions.php file.

Now click on save.

After you login don’t forget to come back to the file and remove the line. If you forget then your password gets reset every time a page is loaded on your site.So don’t forget to remove the line.


2) White Screen of Death (WSD):-

White Screen Of Death is one of most annoying problem with WordPress. This is commonly caused by the poorly coded themes and plugins and database errors.White Screen Of Death is an error which shows a blank pages.

There is no specific solution to solve this issue as there are multiple reasons to occur this error. Before you ask for support for your issue, You need to gather some information about the issue like cause of the issue and how.

To get these information do these

Finding the Culprit Plugin:-

As mentioned above the poorly coded plugin can cause this issue, To find out which plugin has broken your site you need to deactivate the plugins one by one. And check the site. If you are not having access to the WordPress dashboard due the this blank screen you should deactivate the plugins from the file manager by rename the plugin folder to your convenient name usually (plugin_old) which is present at wp-content/plugins.

Then download the plugins from your plugins folder and try installing.One by one to find out the culprit plugin!.

After finding which plugin is causing the issues open a topic at WordPress plugin support page (Note this forum can give your support only the free plugins that are available on WordPress repository, If you are using premium plugin then better contact the plugin developer to resolve your issue).


If you can’t find the issue causing in the plugins then it might be in the theme causing the issue.To find out the theme causing issue just rename your current theme to theme_old and now login into WordPress dashboard and activate the default WordPress themes.(Twenty-Thirteen my favorite theme).

And if you still getting the problem then check the error logs on your host which reveal some important information to resolve the issue. (Please Google on How to check the error logs).


3) Error Establishing a Database Connection:-

This error on your site says that your WordPress site is unable to connect to the database of your site.This error is also caused due to multiple reasons One of the main reason is due to heavy traffic to your site (To confirm this check your number of visits before site showing the error on your site from Google Analytics If there is hike in your traffic then better upgrade your hosting planning) And anther reason may be your site might be hacked.What ever the reasons are, here are few things that you should do before taking your time to find out the reason for the issue.

Note before you try this take a backup copy of your data base.

Step 1:-

Open your File Manger

file man


Step 2:-

Now select the wp-config.php file and click on edit as shown in below image.

wpconfig edit

Step 3:- Now add the following line to the wp-config.php file as shown in below image and click on save.

wp allow repair

Step 4:- Now after saving open this link

don’t forget to replace yoursitename in above line :-P.

Now WordPress will launch an automatic database repair tool. As show in the image click on Repair Database (You can choose any option on your need).


Step 5:- Now after completing the database repair you get a success messages as shown in below image. After seeing this message open the wp-config.php file and remove the line which you had added.As this can be used without logging in, If bad people found this they can use this and lock your database when ever they want.(During repairing database will be locked) .

repai database

If your issue is still not resolved then it better to contact your hosting provider.

4)Unavailable for Schedule Maintenance:-

This error occurs due to incomplete of WordPress core updates. Solving this issue is so simple. All you need is to just simple delete the .maintenance file which will be present in the root folder of your website.

5)Internal Server Error:-

This is error which I hate most. Because finding out the cause for causing the issue takes a lot of time. This issue is caused by multiple reasons. Here are few steps that you need to do before jumping to find out the issue.

This issue is usually caused by the corrupt .HTACCESS file so find out this file on your root folder of your website and rename it.(Note you must tick the check box to show dot files if you are using file manager on your site.)

Now check your site whether it is working fine or not if not working then try disabling the plugins and Themes (refer in White Screen death).

Even if this doesn’t work then try replacing the wp-admin and wp-include files from fresh installation(recommend to do fresh installation on your current hosting and then copy the files to the current directories).

As this is little complicated issue in WordPress it is better take expert advice before doing anything on your site. Else you can mess up with your site.

6) Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted

This is error is caused during uploading of the file greater than your upload limit, Every hosting has their own uploading limits so first know the upload limit of your hosting.You can resolve this issue in 3 ways.

1) Editing PHP.ini

Solving this issue is so easy.Find the PHP.ini file in the Home directory of your website and then find the following line

memory_limit = 64M

And replace 64M with your desired amount of File sizes 128M,256M

2) Editing your .htaccess file.

Editing .htaccess file same as editing the PHP.ini file,

Just add the following line to your .htaccess file

php_value memory_limit 64M

3)Editing the wp-config.php

To change the value from wp-config.php file add the following line to your file.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

Don’t forget to replace the 64M the default value with 128M, and 256M.

If you still get the error the better contact your host they will love to assist you in solving your issues.

7)  Visual editor not working:-

This the most annoying WordPress issue. You can’t see nothing on the Visual Editor even after writing the posts,But the text editor will work fine. This issue is commonly caused by the missing of the JS files required by your visual editor, This issue is occurred by the plugins conflicting with your Visual editor,Before you try resolving your issues once disable the plugins which you are using for text editing like tinymce to switch to default visual editor and check after clearing the cache of your browser and from other browsers. If the problem is not resolved then check the below steps.

Here is how you can solve this issue.

Solution 1:-

Just add the following script to your wp-config.php file

define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

And save your file.

Solution 2:-

Note in this step take backup before continuing

Download WordPress and upload wp-admin and wp-includes folders using ftp or file-manger.

Solution 3:-

Using another text editor than the current default editor.Here is one best alternative to default text editor ckeditor

8) Maximum Execution Time:-

You will get an error message saying that “Maximum execution of 30 seconds exceeded” When you get this error message it means that WordPress is unable to process the request in execution time limit. You can avoid this issue by editing php.ini file or by editing .htaccess file

Solution 1: Editing the php.ini file

Open your php.ini file which will be located in the root folder.

Find the following line

max_execution_time = 60;

Solution 2:- Editing the .htaccess file

Open you .htaccess file and then add the following line to the file and save.

php_value max_execution_time 60

9)Error 28:

When you encounter this issue  you will get an error message as

Error Code 28: No Space Left on Device

This means that you are running out of disk space on your hosting. This issues is usually caused for the overflow of the cache and temp directories.

To solve this issue by running a “repair table” command in phpMyAdmin.

If this did not solve the issue then,You need to contact your web-host about this issue. To solve this issue.

There are so many problems that a WordPress user can encounter.As these are common issues that every WordPress user encounter now and then.

If you are having more than 2 sites and unable to track the next possible errors that your WordPress site might throw then install this awesome plugin WP Error plugin which is an awesome plugin which helps you in  tracking the errors on your WordPress sites.

If you are facing any more wordpress issues, leave your comment below we will update the article with the fix you are looking for.

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