January 18, 2018

World’s First Free Satellite Internet Service to Come Soon For Developing Countries

Though Facebook made efforts to provide free internet access with Internet.org, it ran into few setbacks due to some reasons. But another company named Quika Ltd led by Talia, a popular internet service provider is now launching a free satellite broadband service for consumers in the second quarter of 2018 to address the major cause of the economic and social inequality.

Alan Afrasiab, founder and chairman of Quika and CEO of Talia Limited explained, “While numerous initiatives have been implemented to bring unconnected communities online, a significant amount of people still remain unconnected. With Quika, we hope to accelerate internet adoption around the world and transform societies for the better.”


The company is going to provide world’s first free internet access in the developing countries. The free service will be first launched in most of Africa and then Afghanistan, Iraq. More countries are promised to get the free internet service afterwards. Quika will use the GEO and LEO constellations to provide high-speed, low latency Ka-band internet using high-throughput satellites.

The company is planning to support the free internet service plan with the help of commercial services for enterprises and internet provides. It also might ask the customers to pay for the setup cost and for the necessary hardware at the beginning.

There are already few companies such as Google, Apple working on providing similar services.

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