December 14, 2017

World’s First “In-Display Fingerprint Sensor” Phone to Arrive At CES 2018

Many tech companies are trying out various methods to manufacture a smartphone with a bezel-less design. Removing hardware buttons from the bottom of the screen, Shifting the touch sensor to the back of the phone and ditching the hardware buttons completely and adopting the Face ID technique by Apple, Samsung and other companies is what we have seen most recently. But Synaptics Incorporated, the leading developer of human interface solutions is bringing a new fingerprint sensor which will be embedded in the display for smartphones.



The world’s first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor built under the screen is scheduled to be demoed at CES 2018 in January. The company announced that it will mass produce their in-display fingerprint sensors called as Clear ID with a top five OEM. It will manufacture Clear ID FS9500 family of optical in-display fingerprint sensors.

Synaptics claims that the Clear ID will be 3 times faster than the 3D facial recognition system( like iPhone X), highly-secured with SentryPoint technology, and very convenient. The Clear ID FS9500 optical solution fingerprint sensor will even function with wet, dry, and cold fingers. Since it is protected by the glass it would be scratch-proof and waterproof.


Coming to the security of the Clear ID optical fingerprint sensors, Synaptics is including Quantum Matcher, PurePrint anti-spoof technology to distinguish between spoofs and actual fingers and SecureLink which combines ECC authentication and AES encryption for a highly secure authentication.

However, the performance of this new touch ID has to be examined only when the tech arrives on consumer devices.

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