January 19, 2016

Meet Jupiter IO 3, The World’s First Smartphone that You Can Smoke With

Are you fully fed up of continuous calls, chats, emails and boundless Facebook posts with your smartphone? Wanna relax taking a puff of a cigarette? You no more have to use cigarettes for smoking. You can now take an electronic puff with this unique device that also works like an e-cigarette. Seems bizarre, Isn’t it? You can either assume it as a clever or unique innovation. But, it’s true. A US-based company Vaporcade has introduced this new smartphone called Jupiter IO 3, through which one can smoke just like a cigar. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) International Trade Show 2016, the company has launched this world’s first smokeable smartphone.

Jupiter IO 3 - World's First smokeable Smartphone

Jupiter IO 3 is a multi-purpose smartphone which can be used as a phone and an e-cigarette helping you quit smoking. This unique smokeable smartphone will allow you to make calls and text as well as smoke your favorite e-flavors. The 3G model of the phone is now available for pre-order and its 4G version is in the pipeline.

Specifications of Jupiter IO 3

Here are the complete specifications of the new Jupiter IO 3 smartphone. Check it out!

The smartphone has two batteries – one to power the phone and one to power the vape. The battery life is shared so if you do not vape much, you will get a longer battery life.

Display: The new Jupiter IO 3 smartphone features a 5.3-inch display that has a removable plastic cover. This removable cover lets you attach liquid vaping cartridges so that you can smoke using it.

OS: The smartphone runs on Android KitKat 4.4 operating system.

Jupiter IO 3 - Working

Connectivity: In terms of connectivity, the device supports 3G network and the company announced that the 4G variant will be launched soon.

Battery: The handset comes with two in-built  batteries. One battery can be used to power the phone and the other battery is used to power the vape. The smartphone comes with a usual battery capacity. The 16-hour phone power can drain depending on the usage of the individual that how much the user vapes. The battery life is shared so if you do not vape much, you will get a longer battery life on the device overall.

Price: The price for the 3G variant of the Jupiter IO 3 smartphone is $299 (approximately Rs. 20, 200).

How Jupiter IO 3 Works?

The new Jupiter IO 3 smokeable smartphone was designed by a US-based company named Vaporcade which is a popular brand that makes e-cigarettes, cigars, and coffee beans as well. They sell various things as mentioned before probably intended to pair well with the flavors of liquid smoke. Interestingly adequate, the device has been created with input from Herbert Gilbert, the original inventor of the electronic cigarette. Here is how the Jupiter IO 3 works:

  • Actually, the handset looks like an ordinary piece, until you snap a little plastic cover off the top.
  • You need to remove the plastic cover on top of the phone and attach the liquid cartridge.
  • The liquid cartridges are actually meant for vaping that come in a variety of flavors.
  • Simply attach a mouthpiece to the liquid cartridge of your smartphone on the top.

Jupiter IO 3 - How it works

  • You can now start vaping to your heart’s content.
  • The device also have a button on top that can be pushed to control the heat like increase the heat and get a stronger pull.
  • The Vaporcade app on the phone allows you track battery life such as:
    • How much liquid you have left?
    • What flavor you have loaded?
    • How many puffs you’ve taken over time?
  • If you’re seeking to quit smoking or cut down on your vaping you can set a goal and it will alert you when you’ve reached that number of puffs.

The liquid cartridges come in a variety of flavors like mint, peach, and coffee. It cost $15 (approximately Rs. 1000). The company Vaporcade says each one provides about 800 puffs or four packs of cigarettes.

Benefits of Jupiter IO 3

While the health hazards of smoking are not disputable, it would be interesting to see the kind of acceptance the Android phone will get from the smoking community. If this smartphone gets launched, one could probably quit smoking. When it comes to health hazards, you’re in the uncharted area when you vape.

The company claimed that the device is yet to be approved by the US Federal Communications Commission. Also, the information on health effects and the impact of vaping from the device, when compared to traditional cigarettes, is still not known. However, it is an amazing smartphone that could help smokers to quit smoking.

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