April 29, 2021

YesStyle Review: Is It a Legit Company?

Fast fashion is one of the major trends these days, and those who want to remain up-to-date with the latest styles turn to budget-friendly online retailers for their shopping needs. But given the extensive number of online retailers nowadays, it can be challenging to separate what’s legit and what’s not. Many online shoppers have fallen victim to scammers, so you need to be extra careful before making any rash decisions.

In this article, we’ll be taking a good look at YesStyle, one of the leading fast-fashion brands in the industry. Is it safe to trust YesStyle, though? Is YesStyle legit? These are some questions we’ll be answering below.

Overview of YesStyle

YesStyle stands out from other affordable eCommerce sites. Instead of promoting manufacturers from China and their products, YesStyle focuses more on Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese fashion. Interested customers from all over the globe can easily browse and order from YesStyle’s website, offering a wide range of products, including lifestyle-related items, shoes, and fashion in general.

Even though YesStyle primarily caters to women, it also offers fashion items for men and children. This is great for those who find it tedious to jump from one website to another when shopping online. YesStyle has actually been around for a while—in fact, the company was founded in 2006. Since then, it has received praise and acclaim from all over the world, receiving recognition like being one of the most popular retailers according to Yahoo! HK.

Is YesStyle Safe to Use?

Of course, before you sit down and enter your credit card information, you’d want to check if the website you’re providing it to is safe. In the case of YesStyle, the company’s Privacy Policy states that the website has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect all personal information. In other words, this encryption will ensure that third-party groups won’t gain access to your sensitive data.

This information is backed up by the fact that YesStyle’s website has a locked padlock icon in the address bar. This means the connection is secure. The same goes for YesStyle’s international websites, such as YesStyle Australia, YesStyle UK, and YesStyle Canada.

To further confirm that YesStyle is safe to use, the company allows you to pay via PayPal when checking out your cart. This further protects your credit card information. Given this information, we think it’s safe to say that you don’t have to worry about inputting personal information on YesStyle’s official website.

Is YesStyle Legit?

As mentioned, YesStyle was launched in 2006, but its parent company YesAsia.com Ltd has been around since 1998. The company’s founder and CEO, Joshua K. Lau, has worked hard to make YesAsia the globally recognized company that it is today. YesStyle is so confident in their brand, so much so that it will even allow you to email the CEO directly through a form. Given all the recognition YesStyle has received through the years and how it’s committed to transparency, you can rest assured that YesStyle is a legit eCommerce site.

Shipping Information

One other great thing about YesStyle is that the shipping rates are not as expensive as other retailers. This makes it much easier for customers to purchase Asian-style apparel. Depending on how much your order is, you could even avail of their free shipping option.

Here’s a quick summary of YesStyle’s shipping rates and times for those who live in the United States:

  • Express Shipping costs about $12.99 USD and will take more or less 3 to 5 business days. YesStyle offers free shipping for orders with a minimum of $99 USD.
  • Premium Standard costs $3.99 USD, and free shipping is provided if your order reaches $35 USD. The estimated delivery time is 5 to 14 business days.

Return & Refund Policy

Sometimes, the order you receive doesn’t fit or isn’t what you expected it to be. You’d naturally want to return those items to the company and get a refund in such cases. What’s YesStyle’s refund and return policy? Is it convenient or stressful? Well, according to the company’s return policy, you need to submit your return requests within 14 days after you received the order. After making the request and getting approval, you have a total of 30 days to ship the items back to YesStyle.

Unlike other Asian online retailers, you don’t have to pay extremely high shipping rates when returning items. This is because YesStyle offers local return shipping for particular countries. Depending on where you live, YesStyle has a couple of warehouses peppered across the globe. These are the main YesStyle warehouses:

  • Portland, Oregon for YesStyle US
  • Mississauga, Ontario for YesStyle Canada
  • Hong Kong for YesStyle UK, Australia, and other countries

Like other retailers, customers will have to shoulder the shipping fees for returns. The only exception for this is if you receive a faulty or defective product. Unfortunately, you can’t get a refund for coupon discounts. You also can’t get a refund if you’re returning a product due to allergic reactions and the like.

If you receive a refund, YesStyle will only issue store credit to your account so that you can purchase something else from the site. Unfortunately, this means YesStyle won’t return your money to you via the original mode of payment.

Conclusion—Is YesStyle for Me?

Based on YesStyle reviews, many customers seem really happy with the company and the products it sells. This is a noticeable difference from other China-based online retailers that are usually flooded with negative reviews. Suppose you’re someone who wants to purchase high-quality apparel and skincare products. In that case, YesStyle may be a good option for you, especially if you don’t mind waiting several weeks to a month for your order.

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