June 6, 2021

YouSay Short Video Upload App Review – A Safe TikTok Alternative

We all know how popular TikTok is amongst the youth in all parts of the world but is it accessible to everyone? The answer is – No. There are certain regions where TikTok can’t be accessed, such as India.

Yes, you read that right! Indians are among those unfortunate ones who can’t access this recreational app despite having the skills to make TikTok videos.

The app is great for those who love recording and uploading short videos from their daily lives, showcase their acting and dancing skills, or look for something that can be a great time-pass. People believe that TikTok has absolutely no match, but one such app could be labeled as to its alternative—YouSay.

No news could have excited people more than the launch of the YouSay short video. Sharing the same features as TikTok, YouSay has helped Indians not feel alone in the era in which videos have become the smartest way of communicating any information or showcasing any skills to the world. It’s not that YouSay was the only one in the race, many similar ones came to light too as an attempt to become TikTok’s alternative, but YouSay, we can say, has succeeded to come on top and take the lead.

Let us shed light on some features of the app that makes it users’ favorite!

YouTube video

YouSay has been built by KTree, 15 years old developer known for developing many high-performance applications. The name of this app is followed by its popular tagline ‘Express yourselves for the love of entertainment’. Well, the tagline says it all.

What Is YouSay App Used For?

The app is a great platform for multiple purposes but all revolving around one mode of communication: videos.

To Upload Videos

The videos you record and the moments you capture, funny or informative, you can show all of it to millions of people across the world by simply uploading your videos on your YouSay account. Your videos could be a source to spread awareness about anything or bring laughter to the faces of many.

To Record Videos

With the app’s sound camera option, you can record videos directly from the app with more ease and efficiency. Feel like recording a video? Open the app and 1,2,3,- start!

To Edit Videos

You can edit your videos directly on the app before uploading rather than transferring those to any other video editing apps—who has time for that even? You can add your favorite stickers and emoticons to the videos, animations, or any modified texts you like.

Duet Video Option

With this popular on-demand duet video option, you can do lip synchronization and save your favorite recordings from being shared on the feed later.

For Recreation

Whether you a person who records or uploads videos or you simply enjoy watching videos, this app is your place to be. The app has a discover option via which you can search for different content creators and learn about the latest contests underway.

For Linking to Other Social Platforms

The content on YouSay app doesn’t have to stay there only. It can be shared to other platforms too. You watch a video and feel like sharing it with your friends or family? Hit the share option and share it with your loved ones via any platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

The reach of videos posted on YouSay app is great. Thus whatever upload will reach out to many.

Concerns over the Use of YouSay App

Despite having a great fandom amongst the youth, people still have concerns about the app that needs to be clarified. There are certain questions that pop up in minds and go as:

  • Will the app charge us for the usage?

The app is absolutely free. You record or upload, watch or share, all of it can be done free of cost without you having to spend a single penny.

  • Will the app pay us for our content?

The answer to that is No. The app won’t pay you for your content or anything you do on the app. The app will help give you and your content exposure to the world. Your reach is the reward that it pays you back in return for charging you nothing.

  • How to use the app?

The usage of the app is pretty simple. To make it simpler, there are videos about the usage and functioning of the app, which you can stream any time to learn about this famous YouSay short video app.

  • Can we post copyrighted content on the app too?

Strictly No. The app has its own creators who post original content. No copyrighted content is allowed, and if you come across any, the complaint option to dmca@yousay.tv is always open, where you can share the link to the original video with proof of it is copyrighted. The video, after investigation, if proven copyrighted, will be immediately removed from the app.

  • How to avoid unwanted content on your feed?

The app works on certain algorithms, and after some time of your usage, it will automatically show you the content of your interest, and that’s how unwanted videos will ultimately be avoided. Your maximum usage of the app will help determine your interests and then show you relatable content on your feed.

Apart from that, some creators post content that can be a matter of conflict or is simply vulgar, precisely the type of content that shouldn’t be on the app. In case you come across any such content, feel free to report it. The team will review it, and if found going against the rules and regulations of the app, it will be immediately removed.

The app is currently the talk of the town, and its fandom is believed to grow even stronger with time, to have more users from all over the world and its usage not only limited to those who can’t access TikTok only. If you haven’t given it a shot, we suggest you do it today!

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