September 26, 2020

Yun Express Tracking – Easier Than Ever

People around the world struggle with Yun Express Tracking but what if we tell you that Yun Express Tracking is now easier than ever? All thanks to My Package Tracking. Here you can track Yun Express in literally no time!

My Package Tracking – An Introduction

My Package Tracking performs China post parcel tracking for its consumers who are based in different countries and regions like Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, UK, France, and Central Europe.

The objective of this China post carrier tracking company is to give its clients valid and accurate information about the route of the shipment, the status of delivery, the possible delivery date, and the expected time of delivery. The clients could achieve several different advantages by using this China post international mail tracking system. It does not only provide the users with an overview and status of their parcel but also prevents the parcel from getting lost by constantly keeping a track of its delivery.

Why Use My Package Tracking For Yun Express Tracking?

Yun Express is a huge courier service operating on a vast scale. It does not only serves as a courier service but also connects the gazillions of merchants and local couriers to the consumers. It collects packages from different merchants and then delivers them to different destinations. This is indeed a time-consuming process and consumers are often clueless as to when they are going to receive their parcels. That is why you should consider using the China post tracking eBay to keep track of your packages.

How To Use My Package Tracking?

Using My Package Tracking system for the purpose of China post regular mail tracking is very simple. The tracking process is very quick, it just takes a minute to provide real-time status of your parcels.

You just need to open the website and follow the three steps stated below:

Enter your Tracking Number

When you’ll navigate the website of My Package Tracking, you’ll see a bar asking for your tracking number at the top. You need to put that number in the bar.

Tap the Tracking Button

After you put your tracking number in the designated box, you need to click on the button “Track your Package “.

Track the Concerned Express Package

After following the steps above, you will get real-time information about your China post parcel tracking. The information includes the exact geographical location where your parcel is lying, the route that would be taken, or is being taken to deliver your parcel, and the required time duration for your package to reach your doorstep.

The My Package Tracking Application

Apart from My Package Tracking website, this China air post mail tracking system has also launched its free application for both, Android and IOS. So, whether you have an Android phone or iPhone, you just need to download the application in your phone and tap your fingers to perform China post express parcel tracking of your parcel. In fact, tracking parcels by using My Package Tracking app is much easier. Here you can track Yun Express parcels easily. The app just requires you to put your tracking number and you’ll be automatically notified about your package status from time to time.

Key Features of My Packing Tracking


Most of the production takes place in China and from there, the products are delivered throughout the world using different courier services like Yun Express. In fact, even if one buys something from sellers based in China, it’s going to be delivered via Yun Express which delivers thousands of parcels across the world and takes time to deliver. Making use of China post express parcel tracking systems like My Package Tracking, tracking of your parcels becomes very convenient.

Smooth and Rapid

You can track and stay updated about your ordered package through the courier line. The tracking is quite swift and rapid using this China post carrier tracking system. It just takes a few minutes to process your tracking number and provide you the exact status of your package in the courier line.


Versatility is the most appealing and interesting feature of My Package Tracking. It’s not just about China Post or Yun Express but this China post group tracking number easily traces parcels sent via other services like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, etc. All you need to know is your “Tracking number” and My Package Tracking will do the rest of the proceeding for you!

How Does The Tracking System Work?

My Package Tracking System generally uses any one of the two modes of tracking parcels.

Real-Time Package Tracking: This mode implies the use of mobile scanners that scan packages during the delivery process and the information is then uploaded on the tracking website.

Manual Tracking System: This is commonly used for small couriers mostly in developing and or underdeveloped small countries. The courier team here is required to update/ upload all the information regarding the delivery of different packages into the system manually.

Processing Method

China post international mail tracking works efficiently at every step to keep the delivery status updated. The whole thing works step by step as stated below:

  • The seller or vendor brings the package to be delivered at the courier outlet or office.
  • The information of both the parcel and the recipient is uploaded on the system immediately.
  • A distinctive tracking number is generated by the system and is scanned too.
  • After generating the tracking number, the parcel is sent into the courier line for delivery. The number of stations from which the parcel has to go through and get scanned is determined to predict the delivery time.
  • The last scan is conducted when the package finally reaches its recipient.


My Package Tracking website and application features certain detailed and comprehensive guidelines about troubleshooting the problems or errors that arise during China post international mail tracking process. Here can you track Yun Express as well as troubleshoot the errors that come along!

Some of the few guidelines about some scenarios are stated as follow:

  1. The most commonly occurring error is typing error and the only solution for this is to try again!
  2. Most often, Yun Express Registration and operating errors occur during tracking, but that’s not a problem at all, you just need to wait for a few minutes.
  3. There are some rare occurring too but have some probability of happening. In case your package gets lost, or you have accidentally provided the wrong address or your parcel gets damaged, you need to contact your seller and Yun Express.

Now you don’t have to worry about not knowing where your Yun Express package is. My Package Tracking has made things so much easier. Here you can track Yun Express parcel and know exactly when it’s reaching you.

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