How to Protect Google Chrome Browser with Password?

In present days everyone uses internet for different purposes and most of them uses Chrome browser to browse different websites, play games online and to do so many things. If you are the only user of your computer then there is no problem but if your PC is used by others then you must be worried about your settings, browsing history, saved passwords and everything what you did on internet. To prevent from this situation you can protect your browser with password, but no browser will provide an option to lock your browser with password.

Don’t worry we come up with one smart extension which protects your online session history, your web services passwords and so many other things.


ChromePW is the ultimate extension for chrome users to protect their web browsers from others without accessing. It provides an incredible solution to lock down your browser with password. Actually all browsers have some security about storing passwords but no browser give full support to protect everything which is related to you on browser. This extension gives so many options which tighten your browser security. Here security means it doesn’t stop hacker attacks and malware attacks, it only protects your browser from other users who try to access physically.

How to Setup password Protection to Chrome Browser?

1. First of all you need to download chromePW extension from the below link, after downloading extension install it on your browser by clicking on Add button.

  • Download ChromePW Extension

2. After installing it shows a message which means extension installed successfully, before using it you need to do some configurations. Click on Ok button to continue extension setup.

3. Now you need to enable this chrome extension on “Incognito mode” also, because someone try to open it on private browsing mode. After enable it on Incognito mode click on next button.

4. Now it shows another window with some FAQ(Frequently asked questions) and answers. It listed four questions about security of extension and provide some tips to harden your browser security. If you use non windows operating system then choose your operating system from drop down list. For future purpose print all question and answers.

5. After that click on Next button and you will see extension security settings. It have 4 widgets and each one have some sort of settings.

6. First type password which is not easy to guessed by others and again type the same password, type password hint which will be useful in case of forgetting password.

7. Click on save button to turn on password protection, you can set automatic lock for your browser after certain time. Then it will automatically locks your browser with password protection.

8. You must enable security mode because it protects chromepw extension being terminated by task manager. If anyone try to open another program while chrome browser locked it will automatically closed.

9. You can also block websites from this extension and if you want to reset this extension settings and password click on Reset Button.

As mentioned earlier this doesn’t provide full security because someone try to remove this extension folder who use your computer, so to get advanced security you must follow guidelines provided by this extension at the time of password setup. I try this extension in my chrome browser and it works efficiently without creating any problems. This will surely protect your browsing data, saved passwords and other important data stored on browser.

If you have any problems with this application while installing then leave a comment below.

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  1. pavithraravindar says:

    just now installed and set password in my chrome. working very fine.
    important to share this post for all web users. this will use effectively for the person browsing more in office system.
    hehe….. thanks a lot.

  2. Finally my search ends here. I search lot about this but i could not found any result but now after read this article i got it..just a moment i installed this extension on my Chrome Browser..Thanks for sharing this awesome like article…Thanks Imran bro and Team

  3. Previously I tried an extension but it was very easily broken by going straight to addon settings and that addon could not password protect chrome at all. Let me try this

  4. This addon works! If someone tries to goto the addon options in intension to break the password this addon will close chrome instantly. Going to blog about this !

  5. OK, I got this . This extension is working nicely and also protecting me from unwanted use of my browser. Thanks For Sharing. Here is another extension to protect your chrome browser-

  6. Chrome is my my favorite browser and love to use that.Thanks for sharing such a helpful tricks for chrome lovers like me.

  7. I had no clue that we can lock our chrome with password.
    Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  8. Awesome Post Buddy..
    Thanx for sharing info about chrome browser protect..

  9. Not found in the chrome store

  10. Chrome can be secured with passwords? That’s superb. I never knew this. Going to do that soon. Often my lappy is kept open while I am outside or in college, will help me save my browser and protect it. Thanks for posting.

  11. I personally use & love chrome. But I was unaware of this feature. Thanks for letting me know it. Gonna use it for sure!

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