October 13, 2021

10 Best Sports Apps 2021

If you’re a sports fan then you know having a blazing fast sports app, with oodles of information, and late-breaking news is a must. No matter where you are, you can always sneak a peek and catch up on all the scores and find out how your favorite players are doing in real-time.

When Turner Sports announced their NBA League Pass would be streamed on the Bleacher Report app it was just another very big reason to download it to your phone.

“The distribution of content continues to evolve and Turner has invested in creating and delivering premium, multi-platform experiences including our soon-to-be-launched B/R Live sports streaming service,” said David Levy, President of Turner. “Our long-standing partnership with the NBA has been led by a shared vision to provide fans with the most engaging experiences that match a wide variety of viewing preferences. This is a game-changing initiative to provide fans with personalized access to premium NBA content. From games on TNT and NBA TV or the volume of out-of-market games through NBA League Pass to the defining moments of a thrilling matchup with a compelling story arc, we’ll have it covered.”

Below, we will discuss the Top 10 sports apps and why they should have a place on your iPhone or Android.

Guide for Developing Mobile Apps for the Sports Industry

  1. ESPN – It’s not surprising that the World Wide Leader in Sports would be on this list. If you’re into watching a graphic representation of the game as it happens then this app has what you’re looking for and each play is detailed as soon as it occurs. You can also get the real thing if it is streaming on any of the many ESPN channels.
  2. Bleacher Report – One of the leading sports websites has one of the best apps in the business. Whether you want the latest news regarding your favorite team or need the most recent scores for all of the games then the Bleacher Report app is for you. It also allows its users to program their favorite leagues and teams so they can follow every bit of news as it happens. Everything from the NFL to MMA is covered and it is a must-have for many of the Bleacher Report’s millions of fans. The best sportsbooks in the online world are often discussed on this platform as well.
  3. CBS Sports – This is similar to the ESPN app but there are a few wrinkles that might make it more attractive to sports fans. You can watch as many as eight games at one time which could be appealing for some but rather annoying for others.
  4. YipTV – This app is not solely sports-oriented but branches out to the world of entertainment for those who might want a reprieve from 24/7 sports. Many of the features are free to use but the premium subscription will only set you back $49.99 for the year.
  5. LiveScore – This is a site that has been around for over two decades and their app reflects the clean, uncluttered dashboard that people have come to know and love from LiveScore. Not only can you see the latest scores but you can program the app to alert you of upcoming events that are of interest.
  6. 365Scores – The name pretty much says it all as the scores come in fast and furiously with the latest news coming at you full throttle. Live player ratings and heat maps keep the user engaged while notifications can be customized to make sure no event is ever missed.
  7. FlashScore – Stats, standings, and scores are all part of the FlashScore platform and there are insightful previews that keep the users informed and engaged while the recaps of all the events bring the experience into the palm of your hand. There is also a Team News feature that gives all the daily gossip to fans all across the globe.
  8. DraftKings – If you are into Daily Fantasy Sports or are in one of the U.S. jurisdictions where sports betting is legal then you can play to your heart’s content with the DraftKings sports app. You can set a DFS lineup one minute before putting in a three-team parlay in the next. And if it’s scores you are seeking then no worries, there is a section that will keep you informed of all the scores throughout the afternoon and evening.
  9. theScore – This has all the scores from all the leagues and everything in between. But it also has a group chat section that can keep you engaged with fans from all over the world. Talk whatever sport you like and there will be plenty of fans to talk right back to you. There is also a social media sharing section that will allow everyone to get in on the action.
  10. Yahoo Sports – Sure, Yahoo will give you all the scores and the latest breaking news but it also has some of the best reporters in the field, painting a picture of what’s happening in the sports world around us. It also allows the user to search for videos and previously published articles.

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