March 1, 2019

Can Mobile Monitoring Be Any Simpler In 2019?

We have increased the pace of our loves manifold and it seems the time simply slips out of our hands and we don’t have enough time for anything. And in all this, our family and work priorities compete furiously. Technology has addressed this burning issue with the mobile monitoring technique. Why?

The Hassle of Monitoring:

Technology has come to our rescue because monitoring kids and employees in the age when everything is personal and private has become impossible. You can’t possible meet all your kids’ friends, listen to what they talk about over phone and same is the case with employees when you are out of office or when they are. So you need a sound monitoring system that can work on its own and in stealth mode.

Say Hello to Hassle-Free Monitoring:

Fortunately now it is possible, with the help of stealthmate, you can easily monitor kids and employees all the time and anytime. You only have top install it on their smartphones once and the rest it will do on its own.

Why We Recommend StealthGenie?

The reason why we recommend StealthGenie to almost all out readers is that it is safe and very easy to use. It can be installed on any of the:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry phones

Exclusive Features:

The best part about StealthGenie mobile monitoring app is that it has loads of features that are fun to use and they work in full stealth mode never letting your kids or employees knowing about it. The exclusive features are:

Recording phone surroundings: this feature is a must have and you can listen to all in-room conversations in addition to recording calls. So your kids or staff will have no way of hiding stuff from you.

Trigger alerts: by defining certain words or contacts in the list, you can get alerts as any of the listed items comes in use. You can also get alerts as your target phone user changes SIM card. Thus hanky-panky is off bounds.

WhatsApp and iMessage monitoring: In addition to monitoring SMS and e-mails, you can also log WhatsApp and iMessage chats so if your kids and employees use WhatsApp or iMessage thinking you can’t know, they are mistaken.

Some Glitches:

There are slight glitches, too. I happened to use it for a long time and a few times, there was a delay in data uploading. But I complained about it to the 24/7 customer support team and they fixed my issue. StealthGenie has yet to come up with any restrictive features so until that time, I would rate it at 8/10.


I guess, mobile monitoring cannot be any simpler than StealthGenie. It has understood the core concerns of parents and employees and that’s what they are basing their app on. Try StealthGenie for yourself and simplify the hassle of monitoring forever.

Website Link: Stealthmate.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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