April 28, 2021

10 gadgets you need at home

Digital technology has taken over our lives. Whether it is your smartphone, tablet, home speakers, or smart TV, gadgets have firmly cemented themselves as essential in our everyday tasks.

While many of us could think of expensive gadgets to lust after. There are some essential gadgets that don’t cost the earth that you need.

Portable battery

A portable battery pack has become essential for your charging your phone or tablet on the go. Typically for older smartphones. A portable battery can double your battery life. Perfect for long days out with friends or family.

Security camera

Keeping your home safe and secure has never been easier or cheaper. A Bluetooth or USB-connected security camera or doorbell system is perfect for keeping an eye on your property. Helping you sleep a little better at night.

Battery charger

A battery charging device is perfect for keeping your batter-operated gadgets powered up and ready to go. These mains-connected devices are cheap, discreet, and essential for everyday use in your home. You can even take them with you.

USB flash drive

Having long since replaced the ubiquitous floppy disc of the 1980s and 90s, the USB drive is essential for transporting your digital files without using cloud storage. Available in myriad storage sizes and styles.

Wireless earphones

EarPods, earbuds, earphones, whatever you decide to call them, wireless earphones are a great gadget to have when you want to listen to music without being physically tethered to your device. Some are pricier than others, but worth the investment.

Tabletop tripod

For the photo enthusiast or wannabe influencer, a tabletop tripod is an essential purchase and useful gadget to have around the place. These portable tripods are great to take with you when you’re out and about to.

Smart plug

A perfect and inexpensive gadget to make your home more sustainable, a smart plug lets you control when your plugs turn on and supply your electric objects with power. They’re an ideal gadget for reducing your bills too.

Wireless mouse

Getting the right work from home and home office set up is very important. A wireless mouse is one part of getting your office set up for optimum working conditions.

Wireless charger

Most smartphones sold these days come equipped with built-in wireless charging technology. A wireless charging plate is a perfect purchase for any smartphone user who regularly forgets to plug their phone in at night.

Bluetooth receiver

This simple device can turn any car into a Bluetooth-compatible motor. Simply plug your Bluetooth receiver into a head[hone jack and connect to your smartphone to play music through your car’s audio system.

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Peter Hatch

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