September 8, 2015 Review – Create Your Own Website in 60 Minutes

The current era has become internet prone with most of the people are using internet for doing almost everything like getting information about a product, knowing the world, buying gadgets and much more. The reach of the internet is only about to increase in the coming time and so is the market of online businesses.

There already are billions of websites available and millions get registered every day, however, only a few of them survive in the cut-throat competition. Now, building a website is not a big deal as many tools and professionals offer this service, but still the satisfaction is not enough in most of the cases.

Well, to counter the dissatisfaction users feel about their online website, here is this new platform available, i.e.; Website Builder, which offers a wide array of options to let you develop your online website in your own unique way. It not only builds a website, but makes sure that it gets popular on the web too with all the SEO, social and Google friendly tools available in it.

Website Builder in Short

Basically, it is a platform which helps you to give shape to your own design by letting you use the customization tools and build a website the way you wish it to be. You can select your own design, modify it and integrate E-commerce, if you want. But, the important thing is that it is all available for free. Yes, You need not to pay a single penny to use its service and all the features. Well, this is really something interesting! Isn’t it?

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Some Exclusive Features

Website Builder offers a lot of features to use and all of them work together to build and popularize your website in the virtual world of internet. Here are some of its features:

Domain Names and Hosting – Website Builder has the option to let you select a custom name for your blog or business for free. Not only this, even the hosting issue has been resolved with a reliable and secured option available for all accounts. Now, that’s the half of the task covered in just 2 features.

Template Designs and Images – The next major thing after hosting is selecting a design for your business and there are over 10,000 options you have to choose from. Also, the image library has every possible picture and icon you need to express the features of your own business.

Social and SEO Integration –  Making a website or business popular online is definitely an important and hard task, but with Website Builder you get all the tools required like social media integration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and options to add Google friendly meta description and keywords to get higher rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Mobile Friendliness – The current time holds a special place in deciding market strategy, so you ought to have a smartphone friendly website and Website Builder offers you the same.

Blogging and E-Commerce – A side blog could always be beneficial for any business and even for sharing personal views and hence an option has been made available to you by Website Builder team. There is also an option of setting your e-shop to expand your business out of your area.

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The 3 Step Setup Process

Well, this is the most important feature of Website Builder that it only takes 3 steps to make your business go live on the web and here are they:

Pick the Design – Once you’re sure about your business idea, there are over 10,000 template designs available for you to choose from. So the first step is picking the most appropriate design that fulfills all your requirements.

Modify the Design – After selecting design, you can now customize it with images, layout, plugins, social icons and widgets to give it the look you imagined.

Just Click to Give Live – Once the modifications are done, just click the publish button and you’ll be live on the web instantly.

A Few More Advantages

The perks do not end here as there is more in the box for you and here are some of its major advantages:

Easy to Edit Drag-and-Drop Builder – The only thing which keeps people away from designing their own website is the complication of setting the things, but with Website Builder’s Drag-and-Drop Editor, even the rookies can make the websites with ease.

Branding – It helps you to set up your personal business e-mail set up, which I guess is must to have if you wish to establish your online portal as a brand.

Traffic Generation – After setting up the business online, it is important to get some traffic so that your efforts do not go in vain. Well, there are many tools available within it of SEO, advertising and social pages to bring the traffic.

Customer Service – There are times when people need to understand the features and process or offer some suggestions to improve the overall process and therefore, Website Builder offers a good customer support service to its valuable clients.

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Final Words

At last, I’d like to say that this Website Builder tool is one of the finest options available in the market with ample of features and at no cost! Well, if you’re looking to take your business online, then this platform surely deserves a try.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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