May 23, 2020

10 Successful Ways to Market Your eCommerce Site

Ecommerce sites are common and increasing in sales every single year. If you want to carve your own niche in the world of online sales, there are some things you can do to increase the profitability of your business.

Below, ten successful ways to market your eCommerce site are listed for you to refer to regularly.

#1: Through Consistent Branding.

When people think about your company, a vision of it comes to mind. It can be due to the logo or slogan you created for your brand or the way that you enclose a personalized thank you message with every order placed. Whatever the case is, your business stands out.

Even the shipping labels that you use on the packages you send are customized to fit your branding. Companies such as Enkoproducts make sure that your message is on point. Considering the impact that Amazon’s smile icon makes on the packaging, you want your labels to excite and entice with the same level of impact.

#2: With the Inclusion of Video Content.

One free tool that delivers consistently good content is FilmForth. A free video editor with advance features like filters, transitions, etc. What I like about it the most is that it gives you a wide range of tools to work with, and there are no recurring subscription fees. Keeping your overhead costs low while building the credibility of your eCommerce site is essential to its growth.

#3: By Giving More Than What the Customer Expected.

Marketing is all about helping the customer solve a pain point in their lives. It’s about inclusivity and making people feel valued and recognized. When you give your customers more than they expected by offering a loyalty discount or free gift with purchase, you’re letting them know how much their business means to you.

#4: With Regular Social Media Engagement.

With nearly three billion active users on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to date, social media platforms are among the best marketing tools available. When creating content for your fans and followers, consider quality over quantity. Make it a point to answer questions, comments, and engage your customers. It’s how you drum up interest in new products and services as well as ensure their loyalty to your company in the future.

#5: By Including Your Customers as Part of the Marketing.

Featuring a loyal customer in one of your blogs and sharing their experience with your products and services is among the best and easiest ways to grab people’s attention. They get to see how your offerings work and learn how they can benefit from using them, too. It gives the customer the spotlight for a moment and is a warm and authentic style of messaging.

#6: Through a Referral Program.

Marketing your referral program has its perks. It allows satisfied customers to refer people to you directly without any extra effort on your behalf. In exchange for a discount or free product, you can extend your reach to a group of people who may fall outside your target demographic. You can also appeal to customers in the furthest corners of the globe without spending a mint on advertising.

#7: By Partnering Up with Other Businesses.

Other eCommerce businesses have an established customer base that could benefit you. Teaming up with them to run a promotion is very beneficial. The advertising that you create can include a message from both of your companies. They can allow you to appeal to new customers without doing much more than partnering up with another company for promotional purposes.

#8: By Running a Contest That Awards the Winner an Enticing Prize.

If you want to create a buzz surrounding your eCommerce site, host a contest. Choose a reward that people want to win. Promote the contest on your social media accounts with a link back to your site. Reward people that complete a series of tasks with extra entries.

#9: Through Charitable Donations with Every Purchase Made.

Appeal to the philanthropist in your customers by giving to causes that matter to them. Use your advertising to promote good deeds. Donate a portion of your profits to a local or global charity. See how well it serves you to give and give often.

#10: By Constantly Reevaluating Your Customers’ Needs and Answering Them.

Companies of all sizes must adapt to survive. If they don’t change the way they market their websites, people lose interest. Staying on top of current trends gives you an advantage. It allows you to ‘speak’ the language of your customers by getting on board with the things that interest, entertain, and excite them.

Now that you know some successful ways to market your eCommerce site, you can start promoting it right away. You have options to explore that can take your business from obscurity and put it into the spotlight where it belongs. You’ll drive traffic to your site naturally by being authentic with your messages and providing your customers with value-added products and services regularly.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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