October 21, 2019

The Benefits of Including Blog Posts in Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

If you are running a business, you must have heard about influencer marketing. There are a lot of advantages that it offers, and there is a very good reason why so many businesses are adopting it as part of their whole marketing plan.

The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Influencer Marketing in 2019 by Oberlo would be a good way to get started if you have not had an opportunity before. However, it is worth pointing out that reading just a single article will not cut it. Thus, it is important to continue gaining more knowledge, or even better – experiencing the real thing by hiring an influencer.

If you do that, you will likely focus on social media campaigns. But it is worth exploring other options as well, mainly blog posts. There are more than a couple of reasons one should consider doing this. Make sure to read below and find out what those are.


Search engine optimization has made a name for itself after people have realized the importance of organic traffic. Despite the fact that it is all about social media and influencers, if you have long-term plans, you will not have a lot of success without proper SEO.

So what do the blog posts have to do with it? Well, to start off, content, written by influencers, tends to be of high quality, and if you can get a backlink to your website on that, the improvements should be noticeable immediately. And since blogs of influencers have high DA and a lot of traffic, that means even more for the overall SEO score and its quality.

Value for Long-Term

Blog posts by influencers create a perfect opportunity to find more information about your brand. Loyal and potential customers will see this as another sign that you are to be trusted and will be spending more money on your products or services.

Compared to social media posts that tend to be forgotten in about 24 hours or so, a blog post will stay on the website, and people who are searching for relevant information will be able to access it through Google or other search engines.

Also, let’s not forget how valuable an article is compared to a social media post. You can miss a lot if you stick to the latter since social media content tends to be short, whereas a blog post will contain much more information and helps readers much more. You can include pictures, videos, and make everything that much more appealing.

Given how much of an impact social media has these days, you can never be sure whether more people are not looking to get away from that and focus on reading something more valuable.


Look at the feed of any social media profile. Some of those pages tend to pump multiple messages in a day, which means that the first post of the day gets buried behind all the new ones unless someone decides to pin it. In other words, a message that you want to send can be visible for as little as a few hours. And people who will not use social media that day will miss it.

Blog posts, on the other hand, will be on the front page for quite some time, and even then, you can organize it and put it on a pedestal for everyone to see.

Blog Posts Are Measurable and Trackable

When you are using influencer marketing, it is important to keep track of things. Otherwise, you will not know whether the money spent is of any value at all.

An influencer needs to prove that he or she is doing the job the right way and that the people coming from a blog post are converting into money-spending visitors.

Some would argue that posts on social media are more or less the same; the reality is that it is very little you can track. You will not be able to make use of tools like Google Analytics and really get down to the most important details.


Random type of traffic will not be good for your business, especially if you are looking to make something that will last for a very long time. Meanwhile, a legitimate source of traffic, such as an authority blog, will be of excellent use and will indicate Google and other search engines that your website has value as well.

In a word, it should be clear that influencer marketing is one hell of a method to reach new heights. However, if you rely on nothing but social media, you will likely fail somewhere along the lines. Thus, it is important to introduce a little bit of variety, and nothing beats blog posts in that regard.

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Imran Uddin

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