February 24, 2016

10 Times Kids Proved that they are Smarter than Us with These Trolls in Examinations

We often come across kids next to our house who holds extremely innovative thinking power that might be funny for us but we just need to appreciate their smart reasoning. Some students just ignore to be too geeky and be remarkably hilarious instead. There is no prominent creative energy on this planet than a jaded and desperate student. Till now, we’ve seen kids around the world troll their teachers with incredibly intelligent and witty answers in their exams. We’ve even seen teachers response with fairly outstanding comebacks. The scores of a student in an examination can never really judge whether they’re talented or having a notably elevated intelligence, but its challenge can draw out the hilarious humor out of them!

The internet is a sturdy platform for bringing someone, or something to notice and making them even more popular. The skill of dodging hard or just plain complex examination questions was brought to the cyber limelight way back when the initial humorous or trolling sites were commencing to attain reputation. Here are the hilarious and witty answers of kids in their examinations that literally trolled teachers and the parents.

1. Kid’s snarky answer to critical thinking question is far too genuine…!

Well, this kid may not have written the answer correctly how the teacher was expecting, but they also weren’t mistaken. Instead, this kid truly answered in a genuine way that even impressed the teacher a lot giving the kid credit.

Sarcastic Answers by kids

“Suppose you want to build a house on this land and still protect its natural resources. What could you do? How would it protect the natural resources?” the question asks.

Amazing Answers of Kids in Examinations

“You can just forget about the house,” the student responds.

2. Kid’s Hilarious mistake on a multiple-choice question should really get an option A.

Probably, this kid might have got confused in what to circle. He might have thought that Circle One is the first option and finally picked it as the right one.

Hilarious Answers by kids

3. This Kid has ruthlessly honest response when asked about studying!

Another day, another inadvertently hilarious comment from a naive kid. Whatever it might be, this kid is just a fully matured adult, lying for false Internet points. Well, if it was a kid, at least, they were being quite honest and straightforward.

Honest Answer by a Kid in their Examination

4. Most Ambitious Child seeks to get 1 more week off with a believable letter.

A 7-year-old Cara G, helped her parents in retrieving the mail on Sunday, a day that every adult knows there is no postal service.

Funny Answers of Kids in Exams

The kid returned with an extremely believable letter from her elementary school that read, “The school company is taking a brake [sic] so the kids will get one more week of school off.”

For a great step and to make it look completely legit, Cara was then asked to sign her name. She should reasonably get an extra week off just for being quite impressive.

5. A 3rd Grade Kid cleverly uses ‘Netflix and chill’ to shut down Donald Trump.

These days, it seems like nothing can hinder Donald Trump. Just look at the brilliance of a third grader and his excellent Netflix-and-chill logic.

Bayan Sabouri, an ESL assistant teacher in Columbus, Ohio, shared the letter with the caption “third graders should run this country.”

Most Intelligent Kid - Great Dream 2016

Don’t dare enough to argue with this kid after looking at his reasoning against Trump’s immigration policy. Nobody wants to live in a world without Netflix.

6. Kindergartener excellently explains how they got to the wrong answer.

Some elementary school children are certainly better than others at describing their methods for arriving at an explanation to a question, but this kid has it down to a science.

Crazy Answers by Kindergarten kids

Now many people suspected the authenticity, but if the answer is genuine, this is going to be one cool kid.

7. Quite Reasonable Answer by a Group of Students.

Which direction is the bus going? Right or Left?

This puzzle which is usually given to children is confusing a lot of people online. At first, the question may seem completely illogical, with the bus not having a clear front or back. This question was asked to children of preschool, in the USA, with the same picture.

Find the Direction of the Bus

90 % of them responded that the bus was going to the left.

When asked “why?” they said, “Because you can’t see the door in order to get on the bus.”

8. Kid’s vulgar answer to a test question is actually pretty close.

A young kid’s answer to a question confirmed that one letter can make a large difference. To be honest, despite, the picture doesn’t give much meaning, and this kid’s answer wasn’t exactly far from the truth.

10 Times Kids Trolled Us in Their Examinations

9. Child pens that dream superpower is murder maybe need a time-out. Future Serial Killer!!

Here, we have a child who is possibly in inadequacy of light intervention. When asked to imagine her dream superpower, sweet young Lola chose murder. Particularly, a murder that results in the deaths of many people.

Imaginative Answer by a Kid in an Examination

“My supervillain’s [sic] name is Killer,” her mother writes. For those confused, she expands: “Her name is Killer because she kills a lot of people.”

10. This imaginative child will write a best-selling novel one day.

Somewhere off in meme school, there is a girl named Lola who will grow up to fit in quite well on the Internet.

Imaginative Answer by a Kid in an Examination

Either way, this picture brought back a meme exemplary of a resurrection.

These are the most incredible answers by extremely brilliant kids. It doesn’t matter whether their answers are precisely related to the questions or not but, their intelligence and innovative thinking is quite impressive. Hats off to their creativity!!

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