January 18, 2016

10-year-old Kid Scores 100 Percent in Java Exam, Completes 150 Minute Paper in 18 Minutes

We often come across some super kids who are highly talented with the power of memorizing bounteous things at a small age. We can call them to wonder kids as they are born genius. We can see such kids even in our society with extraordinary capabilities like grasping anything within no time and driving everyone into a shocking state. They are born to surprise the world with the accomplishments that have never been attempted or broken before. Have you ever meet such kids? If no, then just hold on, have a look at this amazing 10-year old kid who cracked the JAVA test in his first attempt with 100 percent accuracy. Yes, you heard it correctly! He is just a 10-year old who scored 100% in his first Java exam.

Usually, the graduate engineers and working professionals strive hard to prepare for that examination and crack it so as to become a software developer. Here is a super kid named Ronil Shah who is a standard five student of EuroSchool in Ahmedabad, has become a software developer at the age of 10. Truly, he is a “prodigy.” He is neither from the leading IIT institutes nor is he a top-notch software professional. One of the youngest achievers from India to receive the certificate, Ronil Shah is a ten-year-old standard five students of Euro School in Ahmedabad.

10-Year Old Ronil Scored 100 Percent in Java Test

The 10-year old kid almost surprised everyone by scoring 100 percent accuracy in a Java exam. Well, that’s not the end of the story. The most astonishing thing is that he has just completed the entire paper of 150 minutes in just 18 minutes. Shocked, Aren’t you? But, this is true. He is such an extraordinary kid who finished his exam within few minutes. Moreover, he cleared it in the first attempt, in the online global examination which was held on September 22, 2015.

Ronil Shah - 10 - Year old Indian Kid scored 100 Percent in Java test


The level of the paper is usually taken by engineering graduates or professionals preparing to be software developers. That too, not all of the graduates could crack it. Such a tough paper, Ronil cracked it within no time. In the IT world, this exam is very popular and it’s called Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional examination. It is an international exam usually conducted by US-based Oracle University.

Ronil’s Passion Towards ‘Robotics’

Ronil Shah did not take any previous attempt and he cleared this exam just in his first attempt. This exam is needed to show the deep knowledge of the programming language, Java, and is an essential language to many other Java certificates.

Ronil Shah is the child prodigy who is aptly called a ‘JAVA champion’. He started learning computers when he was just four. After acquiring basic knowledge right in computers in class one itself, he developed a passion for animation, coral draw, C, C++ in computers. He then started learning JAVA in his local computer institute named Royal Technosoft private limited. There are two more 10-year-old kids at his local training academy institution.

Ronil says:

“I developed so much love for computers that I started learning animation, coding programming after standard 1. I took a holiday to practice for the JAVA standard edition 6 program exam. I used to reach my computer institute to practice at 11.30 am and come home by 6 pm. That is how I managed to complete my online exam in 18 minutes.”

Ronil wants to learn more about robotics, advanced JAVA, and Android in the coming years. His father said, “if he learns well, we will take him for the robotics exam in Mumbai next year as well.” We wish him all the best. You can also share such stories with us in the comments section!

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