May 11, 2021

13 Fun Facts About Casinos You Probably Don’t Know

The casino is one of the places with many interesting legends, stories, and myths that sound funny and too good to be true. Since it started in the 1600s, casinos have caught the attention of many people worldwide.

The idea of winning some money while having fun by playing games allured many gamblers playing in more than 2500 casinos scattered across the globe. Whether you love playing on land-based or playing on some uudet kasinot online, you are there because you love the experience.

Casinos are fascinating – no doubt about that. However, there are some funny and crazy facts that even well-seasoned casino players are not aware of. Read on to know some of them.

The first casino was built in Italy

While London, Macao, and Las Vegas were the first places to hit your mind when you hear the word “casino.” However, casinos originated in Venice, Italy, in 1638.

It is the time when the city’s government realized that it could not keep its people from gambling, and their resolve is to set up the very first casino. The place was called the Ridotto or “private” room.

The casino ran until 1774, but the fun didn’t stop there! It is replaced by Casinò di Venezia, which was housed in the same building where the original Ridotto was located.

So, that goes without saying that casino is from an Italian word “casa,” which means house, referring to summer houses or villas. However, if you are going to play there while on vacation, make sure to pronounce the word casinò properly and with an accent. The other casino is an Italian word for the mess.

Thank the casino for…. sandwich!

That’s right! Sandwiches are invented in casinos. According to the legend, it is the fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who requested a meal that he can eat while on his 24-hour betting streak in a casino.

He asked his servants to bring him some meat stuffed between sliced bread, the Earl loved it, and the rest was history.

Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world

While most gamblers worldwide are dreaming of playing in Las Vegas, believing that it is the gambling capital of the world, this fact may change their minds. Macau, China, has overtaken Sin City when it comes to revenue.

While Macau currently has around 40 casinos, it made around $7.57 billion in revenue in 2020, despite the pandemic situation. This is due to wealthy Chinese business tycoons who love to gamble. Moreover, Macau is easy to access to high rollers.

Macau has the world’s largest casino

Aside from the world’s biggest casino city, Macau has also the Venetian Macao, the seventh-largest building and the biggest casino in the world. This colossal architecture covers around 10,500,000 square feet!

The smallest Casino is in London

You can find the smallest casino in London, and it doesn’t even have an address! London’s Grosvenor Casino has a mobile casino in a cab. The casino in the back of a cab is equipped with a TV with sports programs, a bar, a gaming table, and a dealer. The cab lets the passenger go anywhere by making a charitable donation or going to the casino for free.

Most casinos have no clocks

Of course, casinos want you to lose track of time and have fun (and spend as much money as possible). With that in mind, most casinos don’t have clocks. However, one of Las Vegas’ most successful casinos, the Bellagio, has clocks inside.

Moreover, some casinos don’t have windows, either. A setting sun might tell it’s time to go home, so they shouldn’t see it.

Online casinos started over two decades ago

While the online casino started in 1996, there’s still a debate on which started first between The Gaming Club and InterCasino. InterCasino is still running while The Gaming Club has already stopped.

Casinos have advanced security

Security is crucial to any casino as there is a huge amount of money circulating the establishment. A huge amount of money, combined with easy to manipulate games, is equivalent to disaster.

Casino security is not limited to guards and regular CCTV cameras. Certain products are specifically made for casinos. For instance, the Angel Eye is used to keep the players from switching cards after being dealt with their hands. The equipment scans each card dealt, and when the player turns up a card that did not come from a dealer, it will notify the security.

Remember that if you think you have a brilliant idea to cheat a casino, they’ve already thought of ways to keep you from doing it.

Casinos can ban you on your request

If you think that you cannot control your gambling addiction, casinos in some U.S. states will let you voluntarily ban yourself from their establishments. This means you are committing a crime once you have entered the casinos. For instance, Ohio has a “Voluntary Exclusion” program if you want to stop playing for one year, five years, or forever. You have to be careful when choosing the latter, as it is irreversible.

Casinos are still illegal in Japan

Casinos are illegal in the Land of the Rising Sun. However, this doesn’t mean that the Japanese don’t gamble! They have created a loophole that allows the gamblers to play.

While there is no legal casino in Japan, it has Pachinko parlors. Pachinko is similar to a slot machine where players can win tiny silver balls. You can trade these balls for toys, alcohol, and more.

Here’s the fun part: you can also exchange the balls for “special prize” tokens. You can exchange these tokens for cash on state-regulated shops, allowing you to gamble in a country where gambling is forbidden.

Casinos make more money from penny slot machines than other games

While it only needs a penny for you to play on these machines, penny slot machines are the casino industry’s most profitable games. According to casino owners, the 2000 recession made the machines popular, allowing the players to wager a penny to gamble. However, most gamblers wager more. With that in mind, some casinos invest more in penny slot machines than other denominations.

Monaco residents are forbidden to play at the Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino is a haven for gamblers, but it is off-limits to Monaco residents. In the mid-1800, Princess Caroline passed a law that forbids Monegasques to play in the casino. She wants all the revenue to come purely from foreigners, keeping the citizens of Monaco from paying income taxes and using the casino revenue instead.

A woman got the first casino license in Las Vegas

All-male mobsters did not run the first casinos in Las Vegas. The first licensed casino in Las Vegas is owned by a woman named Mayme Stocker. Stocker got the license for her Northern Club in 1920. She was a respectable mother and wife and frequently seen in the society pages of local newspapers.

Stocker established the casino under her name since her husband didn’t want to be connected with it at first. Her casino offered bridge, 500, lowball poker, stud poker, and draw poker.

Casinos still have the same mysterious appeal for centuries, and it seems that it will not change anytime soon. The historical significance, cultural traditions, and psychological tricks make these gambling establishments interesting to people of all levels.

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