April 28, 2018

15+ Secret Words Used by Google Employees And No Outsider Knows The Meaning

Google is such a big company having more than 80,000 employees. Do you know that these employees have their own terminology or language to communicate with their fellow employees? To outside people, the language used by the Google employees might sound like rubbish, but inside the company, the Google language is second-nature.

Working in Google is a dream for many people out there and they work hard to get selected. If you are among those thousands and lakhs of students trying to get a job in Google, we brought you a few secret words and meanings that Google employees most commonly use. Adapting to the company is not only working, but also have to become famous with the Google language. It is not about technological working, it is about the secret words created by them.

Google Employees Secret Language

Here, we brought you a few curious and commonly used words and their meanings revealed by Business Insider.

Secret Words of Google Employees

1. Perf:

Google employees basically use this word for a performance review. The feared annual Perf determines whether Googler’s rise or fall in the coming year. Like employees value their superiors in the annual survey, bosses value workers in Perf.

2. Xoogler:

It is pronounced as zoo-gler. Once an employee leaves the company, then he will be called as Xoogler, a shortened version of ex-Googler. Ex-Google employee Doug Edwards is credited with coining the term Xooglers. Edwards was the 59th Google employee.

3. Googlegeist:

Googlegeist - Googlers Secret Word

It is an annual survey of Google employees where they are asked to rate their superiors and life at Google. More than 90% of Googlers fill it out every year, but some would shy away from this simple questionnaire.

4. Plex:

It is a shortened version of Googleplex. It derives from the mixture of Google and Complex. It is used to refer to the Google campus. The Google’s sprawling Mountain View campus is called Googleplex.

5. Doogler:

Google is a company that allows Googlers pets to the workplace. They even have a name to refer to workers who bring their pets to the office. Those dogs are called Dooglers.

6. STAN:

STAN - Googlers Secret Word

Dooglers are not the only pets in Googleplex (Mountain View Campus), there is a skeleton statue of a T-Rex dinosaur named Stan. The statue is there to remind the company to never become a dinosaur, or at least that’s one theory behind it.

7. Noogler:

Noogler - Googlers Secret Word

People who are new to Google, they must expect to be called as a Noogler. It is pronounced as new-gler. They can be easily identified thanks to the Google-Colored caps they receive.

8. Gayglers:

Gaygler - Googlers Secret Word

Gayglers is a term for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees of Google. The term was first used for all LGBT employees at the company in 2006, and was conceived as a play on the word “Googler”.

9. Greygler:

Greygler - Googlers Secret Word

People who work in Google and are over 40 years-old, they are called Greyglers. This term refers to grey hair that tends to have the most veteran employees of the company.

10. TGIF:

TGIF usually means Thank God It’s Friday. However, the Googlers have their own definition of it. It refers to the weekly meetings that are currently held on Thursdays. The hour-long meeting dates back to the early days of Google but is now held in a worldwide Google Hangout. It’s also where Nooglers receive their hats.

11. Tech Stop:

It is the codename for Google’s IT department. Tech Stop fixes employees computers and is a standard in Google offices worldwide.

12. GUTS:

Guts mean stomach, belly, but not for Googlers. GUTS is an abbreviation of Google Universal Ticketing Systems, where the employees file tickets about their problems that the company can track.

13. GBike:

GBike - Googlers Secret Word

GBike is used by the Googlers as the mode of transportation in the campus. These bikes are known for their colorful frame. If you visit any Google campus, you can see these conference room bikes.

14. FixIts:

FixIts started out as a way for Google engineers to hunker-down and focus on backburner issues. They were originally 24-hour events, but FixIts have evolved into shorter bursts to clear backlogged projects.

15. 20% Time:

20% time - Googlers Secret Word

Google allows its employees to spend 20% of their time working on something other than their main job. In that time, Googlers have dreamed up some of Google’s biggest products, including Gmail, Google News, and AdSense.

16. Memegen:

Between project and project, Googlers have time to take out their most freaky side, and the result is the memegen. It is an exclusive memes generator for the company where they share internal jokes.

17. Brewgler:

People who are passionate about beer would fit in well with the brewglers, who exchange their opinions and recommendations about beer.

These are a few secret words used by the Google employees in their offices. Interesting isn’t it? If you know any other words used by Google employees, let us know them in the below comment section.

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