July 14, 2020

What is The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has a great impact on every industry as well as on every individual. AI has become the core part of the emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, robotics, and data science. Further, AI is going to bring more innovations in the future.

Artificial intelligence is used in different aspects of our lives starting from face recognition to smart cars, it is changing the world. The future is unpredictable, it is very hard to say how the world will look like in the next 10 years. However, here are some future perspectives of artificial intelligence.

Impact on Transportation

Transportation means the movement of passengers and goods from one location to the other. After a lot of research and development, the transportation industry is now where it is today. Back in the days, people were using animals for transportation. Gradually, everything evolved from bicycle to motorcycles, trains, flights, etc. But today the smart vehicles are going to revolutionize the way of our transportation. There will be driverless vehicles, good traffic management, fewer carbon emissions, and a reduction in accidents. All of these things can be possible due to AI.

Impact on Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going to provide a better experience to the patients. Artificial intelligence will help to figure out diseases quickly and in advance. This can foster an easy diagnosis and provide better treatment to the patients. AI will also speed up the process of discovery of medicines. More importantly, some critical diseases like cardiac arrest, brain stroke can be easily detected at an early stage and can be treated properly. Apart from this virtual assistant will also provide personalized treatment to patients.

Impact on Manufacturing

There are many applications of AI in the manufacturing industry. It helps to assemble different parts of a product and runs the assembly line smoothly with the help of sensors. Most of the repetitive tasks of the manufacturing industry got reduced.

Impact on Financial Industry

Artificial intelligence used in the financial industry to provide better financial services. It helps in risk and fraud detection management in the financial sectors. AI-based trading bots help investors and traders for automatic trading. Trading bots are used for bitcoin trading through bitcoin future, which is an automatic trading platform for crypto traders.

Impact on Education

Education sectors have drastically changed due to AI. Students are now using digital mediums for learning. Where AI-based tools can recognize the emotions of the learner. So, this can help the instructor to improve the learning experience.

Impact on Marketing Industry

The marketing industry has greatly impacted by AI. Artificial intelligence in combination with big data is improving the way marketing was done earlier. Big corporations like Amazon is now using customer data to provide a personal customer profile according to their interest. This has a great impact on the purchase decisions of a customer.

Entertainment Industry

AI can recommend movies based on their interest. This is also by collecting the audience previous data which is used to create a personal profile for the audience. Companies like Netflix, Amazon prima suggest movies, TV shows to their customer according to their personal interest.

Customer Service

The customer service industry has completely changed due to AI. With the invention of chatbots, customers are getting better customer support. Chatbots can provide 24/7-hour service to the customers without any complaint. In the coming years, chatbots are going to completely handle customer support. AI-based chatbots are now able to provide excellent customer support.


Finally, Artificial intelligence is now used in many aspects of our lives. In the recent future, it will bring more and more productive changes in the future. On the other hand, it has many downsides too, it is taking away many jobs and increasing unemployment. No matter it may provide customer support but sometimes it can’t connect to the customers emotionally. If you want to add more to the list then please mention them in the comment section.

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Imran Uddin

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