June 21, 2022

3 Amazing Facts About Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Popularity

Warzone is incredibly popular. The continuation of the Call of Duty series was released on the 10th of March 2020 and was immediately downloaded by over 6 million players in 24 hours. This fast uptake went on with gusto and led to 15 million after 3 days. A staggering 30 million players had downloaded the game after just 10 days. Within a month that figure had risen to 50 million. The uptake of Warzone has shattered records and as of June 2022, Warzone exceeds 125 million total players. Only time will tell if this game’s popularity will ever dwindle.

Call of Duty: Warzone Can Improve Your Fitness

One amazing fact that most people would not credit Call Of Duty: Warzone with is the ability of its gameplay to improve players’ fitness. But in recent research carried out by Betway this has been shown to be the case. We all know that good gameplay requires concentration and great reflexes, what we didn’t know where that it also requires calories, lots of calories. An average Warzone player can expect to burn approximately 188 calories during a session of gameplay lasting 90 minutes. Surprisingly it would take you approximately 30 minutes of vigorous cycling or running to expend similar energy.

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With an average player’s heart rate increasing to 119BPM during a Warzone session, it can be seen that playing the game can improve your cardiovascular fitness if played on a regular basis. What’s more astounding is that these figures of 119BPM heart rate and 188 Calories burnt have been achieved while sitting on a couch playing a game. Incorporating exercise like Warzone can provide is going to benefit most people even if they do not have a high level of fitness to start with and can lead to a healthier lifestyle if played regularly. As with all exercise, it’s best to mix different types into a balanced fitness schedule to produce the best results for your efforts.

Call of Duty: Warzone Emissions

In 2020, Microsoft pledged to be “carbon negative” by the end of the current decade. This means as a business it intends to remove more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the earth’s atmosphere than it generates. Though the company had an initial fall of 6% for the year 2020, the following year saw the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 effect change the way we live. Xbox sales skyrocketed and those on lockdowns across the world played computer games more often and for longer periods. This did not help Microsoft in its goals of lowering emissions.

With Microsoft estimates putting the total lifetime emissions of an Xbox console at 1600lbs of carbon released into the earth’s atmosphere, it’s clear that gaming is responsible for some serious emissions. This figure is obviously affected by how electricity is produced and as we move to greener times the amount of carbon generated should fall rapidly. But the current situation paints Call Of Duty: Warzone along with Microsoft’s data centers and equipment caused an emissions increase during the pandemic of more than 20%.

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