June 21, 2022

3 key difference between Shopify vs Shopify Plus

There are millions of businesses using Shopify to create an online store. This is why as a Shopify plus agency, we bring the key differences for your business decisions.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus – Support

Shopify provides you with round-the-clock customer service by phone, email, and online chat. Shopify’s live chat feature sets it apart from other eCommerce systems. Shopify Plus provides the same level of customer service as Shopify. Store owners, on the other hand, will benefit greatly from this new Shopify version.

With Shopify Plus, you’ll get a dedicated business consultant, dubbed a “Launch Manager,” who will help you get your shop up and running in as little as 90 days. Then Merchant Success Manager will take the lead in maximizing your potential with the help of experienced strategy and guidance. Your success is aided by their extensive advice on how to improve your Shopify Plus store, strategic coaching, and predictions based on in-depth research into market trends.

Comparing Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Themes and Customization

You can update HTML or CSS using Shopify Liquid, an open-source template language, and a new theme in Shopify. This implies that in order to perform the custom adjustments, you must have a working knowledge of Liquid code. Make no mistake, step-by-step directions are at your disposal at all times.

Even huge merchants benefit from Shopify’s top-notch theme and design customization options. It’s still up to you to write the code and make unique edits, though, thanks to Shopify Plus’ Launch Manager. Enterprise-level companies will save hundreds of dollars and a significant deal of time if they hire a professional Launch Manager.

eCommerce Features of Shopify vs. Shopify Plus

As a result, depending on the customer’s location, your online business may display different prices in different currencies. In addition, consumers can receive reimbursements in their native currency, if desired. Even when the price is converted to a target currency,

Shopify Plus gives the option to change the rounding rules for your site. In addition, your consumers do not have to create an account on a new site in order to pay with local payment options. If you’re planning to expand your business into overseas markets, this is a big advantage of Shopify Plus. It’s important to have an omnichannel strategy in place if you want your users to have a consistent experience across all of your platforms. Shopify Plus businesses may better connect with their consumers by establishing numerous storefronts.

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