February 24, 2020

4 Ways ClickMeeting Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals: A Review

If you’re not using sales demonstrations using video conferencing to close more clients, then you’re missing out on a ton of sales opportunities.

After all, live or recorded online events allow you to create interactive and engaging content, which helps you build your brand and nurture relationships with your target audience. And when it’s time to actually pitch, using a webinar to deliver an effective one-on-one product demo can be extremely powerful.

To do this, you’ll need to work with a platform that fits in well with your business needs – one that offers features that allow you to create, stream and promote winning videos that showcase your products and services, turning your prospects into paying clients.

ClickMeeting can give you just that.

This web-based platform offers functionalities and tools that can answer your sales video creation needs – scheduling your events, promoting your products, automating your workflows, and more.

In this review, we’ll take a look at ClickMeeting’s features and functionalities and explain why we believe it’s a great solution to help your sales team close more deals.

What is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a video conferencing software product that can help you conduct training sessions, business meetings, online courses, webinars, and product demos.

The platform offers a range of features such as customization tools to rebrand your videos and align them with your company image, audio, and video recording, screen sharing, automated follow-up emails, and more.

You can create paid, live, and even automated webinars with the platform, plus tons of other tools that you can use to engage your audience while running your events.

ClickMeeting also offers CRM integrations and remarketing tools, so you can track your audience’s behavior throughout your webinar and sales videos – which can help you improve your performance and create tailored ads for your potential clients. With all these features, you’ll have control over how you want to engage with your audiences and close more deals.

ClickMeeting is also taking a new approach to marketing with their personalization and automation features. Instead of sticking to a linear funnel, this allows you to approach sales in a more dynamic manner.

By incorporating this approach, you can let ClickMeeting’s automation features do the grunt work for you, helping you get your content to your target audience, qualify your leads, and convert your prospects into clients more quickly and with less effort.

Now that you have a glimpse of what ClickMeeting has to offer let’s dive deeper into the platform’s key sales features and functionalities.

1. Create sales demonstration videos without a hitch

Creating your sales demonstration videos can take up a significant amount of your time and effort.

ClickMeeting can help streamline your process by providing you with features to create your events easily and help you convert your prospects into clients.

Creating your events with ClickMeeting is a pretty straightforward process.

You can just schedule your event by setting up the date and depending on the type of event – whether Permanent, Time-Scheduled, Automated, or On-Demand – record, upload, and configuring your timeline.

You can also customize the appearance and layout of your various public-facing landing pages, such as your webinar room and registration and login pages, and customize them to match your brand colors and image.

Plus, you can type in your URL on the registration settings page to automatically redirect your event participants to any of your landing pages or Thank You page.

This allows you to guide your participants to your related product pages or other pages for your upselling strategies.

Your calls-to-actions are crucial when it comes to converting your audience into paying clients, and ClickMeeting lets you add in a CTA pop-up that you can display at any time during your sales videos.

You can customize your CTA button colors, set the specific time and duration of the pop-up, and add the URL of your custom web page to redirect your audience to it.

With this ClickMeeting feature, you can instantly create CTAs for your product and sales demos, and other videos.

2. Showcase your products with ease

Running effective sales demos is one of the best ideas for selling your online courses, or any other product or service you’re offering.

However, it takes more than just standing in front of the camera and presenting your product to close the sale. It’s also about engaging your audience and offering them solutions or value.

ClickMeeting helps you achieve this with the screen sharing feature. Screen sharing allows you to share whatever you want from your desktop with your audience, which is perfect for sales demos since it gives your potential clients a first-person view of how to interact with your products.

By the time your prospects are ready to hear your pitch, you should already be familiar with a lot of specifics around their use cases, so you can use screen sharing to show them exactly the value they’ll enjoy once they become your customers.

In your webinar or event room, you can click on the screen-sharing icon on your dashboard and choose how you want to share your screen.

You can choose what you would like to share by selecting your entire screen, the application window, and the chrome tab, or you can download the screen-sharing app.

ClickMeeting also offers whiteboard drawing tools that you can use to mark specific areas in your screen, as your product features, that you want to emphasize.

With event functionalities like this, presenting your product features and how they can benefit your audience can be a breeze – raising your chances of gaining more clients.

3. Streamline your nurture workflows

Delivering your sales demos and getting your target audience to see them can be a long and tedious process. However, with ClickMeeting’s automation features, promoting your products and inviting your target audience becomes less of a time-suck.

You can enable several automation functions for your events such as auto-publishing your video to your profile page, auto-streaming to your social media channels, autostart recording of your event, and more.

You can also automate your event reminders to your target audience and set the schedule.

ClickMeeting lets you configure automated follow-up rules such as a Thank You page that you can redirect your event attendees to and send out automatic follow-up emails and invitations for your next events.

These automation features make nurturing relationships with your potential clients, remarketing, and upselling to them more efficient, giving you more opportunities for closing more deals.

4. Integrate with the other apps in your stack

There are several integrations with apps that connect directly with ClickMeeting to help you draw in and convert your leads. Customer relationship management software like Pipedrive, for instance, can help you gather and analyze your event attendees’ data and manage your sales funnel successfully.

ClickMeeting lets you automatically share your event attendee and data, including your in-webinar survey responses, into your Pipedrive account.

You can also connect powerful analytics apps like Google Analytics to your ClickMeeting account, which helps you collect and monitor valuable information about your audience’s behavior.

With these insights, you can improve your event performance by tracking the processes in your events to understand your prospects and actual registrants better – and tailor your nurture efforts to help you close more deals.

The bottom line

ClickMeeting offers a spectrum of features to help you create sales demo videos and content. By creating these events, you can show your competence and expertise, which enables you to build trust with your prospective clients and, ultimately, convert them into paying customers.

With ClickMeeting, you can create interactive and visual videos to showcase exactly what each of your individual prospects stands to gain from your product and convey your message through a human connection.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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