August 12, 2022

5 Best Free PC Games You Should Play In 2022

PC gaming is more popular than ever, with the number of people playing games on PC growing yearly. While there are plenty of paid PC games, you don’t have to spend money to play great games. There is an abundance of great free games on PC out there that you can download on Gametop and other PC games free download websites.

If you don’t want to spend money on a new game but still want to enjoy a quality experience, there are plenty of amazing free PC games available. From team-oriented multiplayer shooters and single-player puzzle experiences, here are the five best free games for PC that won’t cost you anything upfront.

City Racing

Exploring an open world of adrenaline-filled car racing; that’s what you get for exploring the immersive world of a City Racing free PC game. Inspired by top racing titles like Need for Speed or Forza, City Racing is one of the best free games on pc. It features amazing GTA-styled gameplay.

The game is set in open world power by the almighty Unreal Engine 3. Its gameplay is rich in amazing 3D graphics that give players a nostalgic feeling of hitting the beautiful tracks in multiplayer modes.

Players can participate in nerve-wracking street races and perform breathtaking moves that defy every law of physics while winning fortunes to clinch the top at the end of the final line. There is a wide range of cars and customizations available. All you have to do is navigate to PC games free download platforms like Gametop to get behind the wheel.

Alien Shooter 2

Alien Shooter 2 is a sequel to Sigma Team’s Alien Shooter franchise. If you love the gore and bloodshed of a survival game, then go for Alien Shooter 2. The game is a top-down role-playing action shooting game available on Gametop as a free game on PC. This Resident Evil-inspired franchise features a brilliant blend of action-packed, terrifyingly scary gameplay.

In its alluring lore, you must save humanity from the impending doom created by Magma Corporation. In this sequel, the action and battle are doubled. So buckle up, ready to face an army of fearless and relentless aliens.

World of Warships

If you’re a war gamer, this free PC game is for you. Controlling the boundless water of the sea from coasts to coasts, World of Warships brings you the best fun-free PC game for the naval experience.

World of Warships is an epic battle game with top-notch tactical and naval combat gameplay. It features exhilarating gameplay where players experience the exciting battle of warships. The game has various modes for players to control over 4000 classic warships and destroy their enemies.

Download World of Warships on PC games free download platforms like Gametop or Steam to start commanding the world’s largest German, Italian, Japanese, or USSR Navy fleet. You can also earn unique vehicles, warship models, customizable skin, gold, and in-game credit for your troubles at the sea.

World of Tanks

From the King at the ocean in World of Warships, World of Tanks brings you the opportunity to take over as the Lord of Lands. World of Tanks is a strategy MMORPG tank battle game with action-packed gameplay.

In the game, players must build and lead the army to victory against other opponents in battle. The fight is to expand territory and take over enemy bases while completing in-game missions to become a battle-hardened veteran on all lands.

You can enjoy free games download for PC, including World of Tanks, and enjoy breathtaking gameplay with other 160 million players at Gametop. There are limitless items and assault weapons you can use to build your formidable arsenal.

Goodgame Big Farm

Another top massively multiplayer online RPG title on this list is Big Farm. Although this free-to-download game for PC is similar to other titles in its genre, it stood out as a unique franchise with many exciting features.

Big Farm was created and released by GoodGame Studios, one of the most popular and leading online gaming companies. The game features a thrilling farm life where players can own and build their dream farm. It has an alluring storyline with excellent graphics that has attracted millions of MMORPG players globally.

You can grow vast farmland, harvest, and direct your produce for business purposes in this free PC game. You can also effectively learn how to build a thriving business and expand your profit to be the greatest farmer and businessman ever seen.

You can easily download Goodgame’s Big Farm on free PC games download platforms like

Where to Download Best Free Games on PC

Gaming has become increasingly popular in the modern world, and many gamers are searching for the best sites to download free PC games and add them to their gaming collection.

If you’re an avid or new gamer looking for some fun new titles, here are the best places you can download them for free:

1. Gametop: Gametop is one of the most reliable ways to download PC games for free. For over a decade, Gametop has been providing free game downloads for PC across different genres.

All games on Game top are 100% free to download with no hidden cost, intrusive ads, or trials. Downloaded games are always free of malware or spyware.

2. Steam: Another place where you can download PC games is Steam. It is a popular video game distribution platform developed by Valve. It features exclusive gaming titles from top gaming studios, third-party publishers, and indie creators. Players can connect with its forum and square off with its built-in matchmaking service.

3. Origin: Origin is EA’s gaming distribution platform for PC and mobile devices and is a great place to download PC games. It has a direct gaming and networking feature to connect with friends and other gamers. There is also a streaming service and integration of third-party social networks.

4. Epic Game Store: Epic Game Store is another PC game distribution platform from Epic Games. Although the platform is new, it still has a collection of free PC games to download.


If you’re looking for a new game to download for free on your PC or laptop, you can try one of the games mentioned in this piece. Remember, these are only 5 out of countless great free games you can find on Gametop and other PC games free download websites.

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