October 2, 2016

A YouTuber Convinced People To Drill A 3.5mm Slot Into Their iPhone 7, And They Really Did It!

As we all know Apple has recently released their new iPhone 7 which comes without a headphone jack. Making it probably the first phone which took a daring step to completely remove the earphone jack. However, this has got mixed reaction worldwide. Some people were sheerly disappointed because of this move. And targeting such people, an YouTuber made a video of drilling a hole into iPhone 7.

YouTuber from channel named TechRax decided to make a innocuous DIY video, showing how to drill a 3.5mm hole into iPhone, so that you can insert your headphone and listen to music. This was done in a good humour, but some people took it for granted and actually did it. You can watch the video below;

YouTube video

The video received over 13 million views however, the reception was mixed.

Some people posted comments on the same video asking what to do after drilling. You can see their doubts in the comments on the same video.




The video was certainly a prank and some people actually fell for it. And this is why they say not to trust everything that you see on Internet.

Again, the above video is fake and done in a good humour. They’re pranks. Please don’t do this.

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Imran Uddin

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